Mamiko Kikuchi

Little devils in the movie

What kind of girl do you think of “Little Devil”?

There are many little devil girl who cheats and tosses a boy is full of a lot of the world, but the “little devil” I think is a little different.

If she lives freely and innocently as she is, the boy friend will lose mental before she is aware.

I think that such a girl is a real “little devil”.

This time, I introduce the story of the girls who do not realize at all that I am a small devil like that.

It’s annoying, but if I was born a boy, I might want to be at the mercy of the little devil once.

Mamiko Kikuchi


directed by Christian Marquand

It’s like a reality of men’s delusions, the original erotic girl, Candy.

Big and eyes and big boobs.

Because the candy like barbie doll stares at man’s men like the desire, men inadvertently misunderstand, and only strange men come one after another around her.

Is this a little devil? It might be only a goofy in her case.

I’m sure feminists will frown on candy who doesn’t have the chastity. but she’s a man’s ideal angel.

If there were so many erotic and cute girls in this world, the world might be more peaceful.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Yuka on Monday

directed by Yasushi Nakahira

She sleeps with anyone. But I won’t kiss you.

The main character, Yuka, is young, but she has a dad and doesn’t live a decent life, but for some reason she doesn’t feel bad about it.

I’m sure it’s because there’s no calculation in her conduct. She just want to please a man, and smile with a doll-like lovely face, and give the body to a man.

To please a man, her lovely young face and body were needed and she lived too much in a bohemian way, and eventually without knowing that it will hurt only one important person.

It’s a stylish and pop piece, but at the end of the story, the back of my heart is in a tight way. A painful story about a girl who doesn’t know love.

Mamiko Kikuchi


directed by Věra Chytilová

I want to do very bad things.

I want to do a trick that makes adults uncomfortable. It is a problem work that became forbidden in czech Republic at the time of publication.

The ethics has already collapsed, two girls who do not care about the trouble of the person.

They trick ed older men, broke the sheets of bets, and did all the bad things, but maybe this is the antithesis of society.

It is not possible to hear even if it raises it voice, and the only way to express defiance is to appeal while breaking.

If the shape of the cry of young people who lived in such an age is these confused women, their unbridled appearance might also come into view to the different one.

Mamiko Kikuchi

(500) Days of Summer

directed by Marc Webb


This is the word spoken at the beginning.

If you expect a sweet and cute love story, you’ll get hurt.

Love seems to be rolling around in an easy way, but it’s really hard to get it running well.

One of them runs and the other is left behind and the gear collapses.

So-called this is the philosophy of love.

And this story of Love, not destiny. that everyone sure to be experienced.

Summer is very selfish, but if you put your hand on your chest, everyone might be hurting someone like Summer.

Story of love but not destiny. that’s everyone sure to be experienced.

Summer is very selfish, but if you put your hand on your chest, everyone might be hurting someone like Summer.

Mamiko Kikuchi


directed by Keisuke Yoshida

The little devil who comes out here is “girlfriend’s sister”.

Her sister who suddenly appeared to her living together suddenly is very pretty in the way of speaking and the expression very much.

And, the ant hell that the man who got excited strangely to spend with a pretty girl under the same roof got stuck. This is a troublesome triangle relationship and here i’m watching is also pounding.

I think it’s embarrassing that a big man is still at the mercy of children’s interest-oriented play.

On the other hand, this might not be helped.

It is an appearance of Lolita small devil who seems to be Really Japan to consent.