Mamiko Kikuchi

Movies depicting the awakening of the boys sex

Boyhood before becoming an adult.
There are times when meet someone who is exciting and heart is pounding.
Even if you do not know whether it is still in love, there is such a time when the body reacts.
There are countless movies in this world depicting the awakening of boyhood sex, but this kind of movie is almost interesting.
It may be because the directors who were once boys follow their important memories and create works as if they were showing their treasures.
I am a woman, but I often relive the feelings of a boy who I could not experience through movies.
Then you can see the world with a completely different feeling for a while after you finish watching it.
Those who were boys call back a distant boy, and those who were not so are new feelings, I would like you to enjoy the story of this superb boyhood by all means.

Mamiko Kikuchi


Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore

I know the existence of a goddess for the first time on that path where the sun shines.
That woman I fell in love is always alone.
The only thing I can do Is staring from behind.
If I was a more adult man, would she turn to me?
I am 12 years old, I can only remember the scent of an adult woman who smells for the first time.But that moment when she smiled at me for the first time is my only treasure.
This story that contrasted the ugliness of an adult to the freshness of the boy’s sexual awakening, and developed the sweet and sour delusion love of the boy Renato into a vivid memory.
The sexy appearance scene of Monica Bellucci of Malena role is divine enough to remain in film history, and it is overwhelmed by the bewitching charm of Monica that protrudes from the screen.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Boobs and moon

Directed by Bigas Luna

This is the story of the protagonist Tete who fell in love with the boobs of dancers who like to collect tears.
Tete go buy milk only for watch her boobs.
Straightly, the figure seeking such a breast without stagnation is too lovely.
It seems to be playful, but this is a fairy tale for those who love seriously, if you say, for those who love breasts.
Watching the nude scene of bold actresses makes you feel calm and happy.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Heart Stone

Directed by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson

Like fish that getting rotten while raised from the sea, even if they sprout in their hearts, there is an emotion that is erased without being noticed by anyone.
A story that feels a sense of occlusion even though it is a stage of a village surrounded by a wide nature and endless sea.
The story of a completely different impression between the first half of the boys and girls who enjoy kissing games and the second half of the second half showing the trapped feelings of the protagonist.
Since Adam and Eve were spelled out in the Bible, the combination of a man
and a woman has been like a human necessity. So when does the sexual love between a man and a woman wake up?
It is arrogant that I think I know the most about myself, and in fact everyone is something that I don’t know most about myself.
There was no such thing that drew the awakening of the boy’s sex as hard as this work.
It was a movie that depicts the trajectory of Iceland’s little love that became painful to the depths of the chest.

Mamiko Kikuchi


Directed by Richard Benjamin

Frank who does not know his mom, plans to collect pocket money with friends, go to town by bicycle, and get the prostitute to see her tits. And that it will make a ridiculous miracle!
There is no obsession to the female body of the boys around this age.
However, the desire for this boyhood is also the opportunity to make a wonderful drama.
There is a moment when “curiosity” and “love” combine well to cause a chemical reaction, and a new “love” is born.
Melanie Griffith, who played a prostitute in this movie, is insanely erotic, cute, unique and best!
I became happy by her acting and also entertained by the lovely youth of the unique boys.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Penguin Highway

Directed by Hiroyasu Ishida

I’m so frustrated, I’m really frustrating. Until I watch this movie, I never regretted that I was not going through a boyhood.
if I was a boy, I could have enjoyed this movie more!
A procession of penguins suddenly appearing in a residential area.In order to solve the mystery of the penguin highway, Aoyama-kun begins to sneak research on breasts of woman in the neighborhood…
When you read this, may be the meaning is unknown at all.But if you watch this movie, you will be able to travel to this mysterious town at once and immerse yourself.
Even though I don’t know why, this mysterious adventure story was too fun, and I was impressed and crying, maybe I had been a boy in my previous life.
If you had a boyhood longing for an older woman, you will surely be immersed in a nostalgic mood by touching the heartstrings of your heart.
If I had memories of such adventures in the distant summer, I wonder if I was able to become a more respectable adult?