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Shinkai Baba



Model Yumi Raika

Styling  Yuko Ebine

Hair and makeup  To-shi

Perfume of the country.
This is a collection of works by Leica taken at his local city by Shinkai Baba
Yoshikazu Aizawa


Photo:Yoshikazu Aizawa instagram.com/aizawa_yoshikazu


Drawing:Shinobu Hanazawa

The sea and Tides in me
Collaboration between Yoshikazu Aizawa and the painter Shinobu Hanazawa, who also appeared in Vol.2
Ban Yamamoto



Confusion was Sex
Ban Yamamoto’s moving photographs after returning from Berlin and starting his activities in Japan.

I picked some of the works that I would like to hear what the people who have seen them think. I’d like to talk about these movies together and find out any new interpretations, or just sympathize with and say “That part of that scene was good!!”, like that. These are the movies that create communication.



As the director says, “the story of a girl who was carried off from the moon by the power of mystery and came to the earth,” it contains many mysteries. However, the movie is attractive and you will get drawn in, the expressions of the mystery could be possibily spread and it is different from other obsecure movies. The Images that are a fusion of the West and the East, taken with a hand-held camera in India, and cuts like a picture taken in Denmark are contrasted and fused in the work. The music was breathing and breathing air as it went out of vacuum for the first time.

DOWNTOWN81 /Edo Bertoglio


It shows Jean Michel Basquiat himself was wandered the downtown in New York and a lot of things happened one after another like a documentary. There are the scenes of meeting a beautiful woman, studio performance of the rock band D.N.A with a psychotic sound is played, and a scene of a fashion show in a stopped-by club.

Persona /Ernst Ingmar Bergman


This is the story of Elisabeth, the stage actress who has become aphasia, and Alma, the nurse in charge of Elisabeth. Persona means a mask in Latin. The woman’s outside face and her true herself collide is reflected like a play through two women.
Art has a sort of mirror effect, which can be rediscovered, updated thinking, and interacted by one’s self. I think that the object and the object in the mirror were taking by the third visual point (camera) is expressing what exactly movie is. I am also fascinated by the beauty of black and white contrast in every scene.

Like Grains of Sand /Ryosuke Hashiguchi


This is a story about three high school students in one summer, a girl named Aihara who had been raped in past, a gay boy named Ito, and another boy named Yoshida is concerned about the girl but the gay boy liked him. The countryside’ peaceful air , the summer’s dampness and the clumsy high school students, they all just make me feel cosy.The last seaside scene makes me feel heartbreaking and emotional.

HIZUME /Asagi Kimura


This is the movie that has a dialogue with the body. People tell lies, they have their own ouside faces, they care about what others see and what others think so it looks like they wear the scale of fish. However, it’s not like we are disguising, I think we are protecting the scale ourselves. This work that tries to express the director himself by slowly turning off the scale and peeling it off. Here we are facing each other without denying it. I thought that the prudence might be necessary in present age.



Between the movies
Movie review chosen by HARUKA who is college student of the department of movie
Ayako Noguchi



Rising fire
Graffiti work by Ayako Noguchi, the youngest winner of the Contemporary Opera Association Award.
Tetsushi Tsuruki




Masked Luchadora vs 3Hole Love Doll
Tetsuji Tsuruki who created stories and photographs with the motif of Lucha Libre
Tanaka Mushe’e
Tanaka represented a girl with motion graphics.Her typography is also interesting.
Mina Yamane



Bath time
Written in watercolor, the time of the fun bath of two girls.



NEO Ukiyo-e Heroine Kuso
Modern version of Ukiyo-e painted by BAKUDAN KOZOU




This time, I’m focus on the work of my favorite photographer Moshe Brakha who I introduced you in the last review.Among the AOR lovers, it is a regular tale “This jacket looks like Moche, right?” when they look how well the daylight and margin synchronized.




It’s a masterpiece in masterpieces in the famous AOR board that is more famous than Ned Doheny’s “Hard Candy” that I introduced you last time. Like Ned, I was a child when I saw it for the first time, I used to imagine what kind of woman is this crossing her fingers.The margin in the jacket is beautifully expressed so I can imagine a lot and it seems to be linked to the act of imagining the sound as it is.




The second album released in 1976 by Al Jarreau, famous for its wide range and unique Scat.This album has 5 covered songs out of 9 songs, but the highlight is the cover of Leon Russell’s Rainbow In Your Eye after all. Besides, covers of Sly and James Taylor are also included.Since he is from Milwaukee, I can imagine if the city in this picture is Milwaukee.




Although Afro-American folk singer Ritchie Havens is known for his aggressive and folky performances at the opening act on Woodstock, this album is a fairly AOR-like album and includes Steely Dunn’s “Do It Again” and Duby Brothers’ “Long Train Runnnig” and so on.
I assume the location of this jacket photo was taken may be on a newly constructed highway. Just guessing though.




The Sea Revel is a band formed around Chuck Revel who is a member after Allman Brothers the male of Southern Rock was disbanded. Since he’s from Southern Rock, so I guessed that the sound is also distinctive crude rock music from the south, but I was surprised by the super refreshing jazz and fusion sounds. The composition of the jacket is so wonderful. It is a mystery what he is doing but it seems like he believes in something. I just can’t stop imagining.




I bought it just because “This photo of the jacket looks taken by Moche.” about 15 years ago.
The sound is the West Coast sound of SSW, which was popular on the west coast at that time. It also has a cover song of Carroll King’s “Up On The Roof” and so on. Anyway, the back jacket, inner sleeves, and all the pictures represent the crisp California feel, the sound is normal but it’s a keeper for me.

Takumi Yuge, who also contributed to vol.5, focused on five jackets taken by photographer Moshe Brakha.
Nao Tokiwa




Dawn of paradise
Series short stories by Nao Tokiwa vol.4