Miho KokumaLife is born from positive pain


「変身願望」 「整形に似ている」 「ポジティブなリストカット」 「ランドマークとして」 「その時の自分を表現するもの」 「individuality」・・・・人によってTattooを入れる理由は様々だった。

The reasons for getting a Tattoo varied from “desire for a makeover,” “resembles plastic surgery,” “positive wrist cutting,” “as a landmark,” “as an expression of who I am at that moment,” and “individuality.”・・・・ People had different reasons for getting a Tattoo.
People who are struggling and floundering inspire themselves to become a new person by putting on their favorite design while enduring physical pain. For them, Tattoo is more than a transient form of fashion; it is a sign of life.
When I tried to bring out the patterns of life on their skin through solarization, I felt as if they were about to start moving with their hot breaths.



The reasons for getting a Tattoo……
Hiroshi Teradareminiscent life


助けて! ゴーダマシッダールタか中平卓馬。

Slumbering obsession.
I want to say something like, “I look at the past with my left eye and see the present with my viewfinder.
I can’t win anyway.
Help me! Gautama Siddhartha or Takuma Nakahira.


Slumbering obsession……
Steve K. BlackdaleTraveling



Traveling the world allows you to recognize the charm of Japan in reverse. While enjoying sake with some snacks, murmuring “I’m glad I was born Japanese” makes people from other countries envy. Being able to take pride in one’s own country is truly wonderful, isn’t it?


Traveling the world allows you……



Everything in this world is transient, constantly changing.


model : AINA

Everything in this world……
Yumi YamadaNevertheless



I sometimes do things that I know are not good for me, but I end up doing them.


model : Coco

H&M : Anya

I sometimes do things……

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