Mamiko Kikuchi

“stayhome” films that blows off the depressed mood

Now, it is a “stayhome” period, so I want everyone to watch a bright films. So I tried to list the six works that I came up with first.
I prefer Asian European films, but I realized that film that lead me to the positive energy is almost American and Indian movies.

When you feel depressed, a happy ending movie will help you.
The sixth film I introduced is a Japanese film of the all-time My Best I personally did not want to remove. If you have time by all means ♪

Mamiko Kikuchi

Forrest Gump

Directed by Robert Zemeckis

This is the most famous film of Tom Hanks who got over by COVID-19.
He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his second time by this.
A boy at the bottom of the class moves through his life with his innocent spirit, and works miracles from one to the next.
It’s just a simple story that depicts the whole life of a man, but it’s all packed with parent-child love, love, friendship, war, work, and children. And when I watch this, I realize that there is nothing that is impossible for humans.
After watching a good film, I feel really good and I feel like I got a lucky life, and this is at a head of such a film.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Little Miss SunShine

Directed by Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris

A rebirth story of a loser family that made me think that humans are very fragile , but also have powerful spirit more than that.
People say, “If you try, you will always be rewarded”, but in fact it is not so easy.
No matter how hard you work, the effort can become a bubble of water in a moment for no reason.
But how to play it from there is important. Because no matter how much you cry, even if you rampage, the time is constantly flowing and you still have to live.
The last scene is funny and laughing, but for some reason tears cannot stop. It is a movie that cheers while laughing and crying.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Yes Man

Directed by Peyton Reed

Laughter increases immunity, so I want you to watch this by all means.
This is a film of positive and bright strange storie.
The comedy films of Jim Carry are all interesting with funny face acting , but of course, this work is also a lot of funny face bursting!

I want to say “no” to something that I hate, but if I say “yes” when I get lost , it might change the flow of our life?
When you want to forget everything and laugh, when you want to change your mood, you have to watch this film.

Mamiko Kikuchi


Directed by Rajkumar Hirani

This director has become famous for “3 idiots ” but I like this film more!
Even while drawing about the religion that is difficult to touch easily, the best screenplay written well without hurting anyone can cry.

In the story, The questions that PK put to shady religionist was sounds like a word towards the chaotic world today.
After watching this, I thought I want to be an good Earthling who is not embarrassed by aliens of another planets.

Mamiko Kikuchi


Directed by Adam Shankman

If you want to be enveloped in positive energy, I want you to see this.
This is a bright, HAPPY musical.
The role of the protagonist Tracy is insanely charmming!
Her smiling face is so cute , even the beautiful blond hair girls do not compare.
And the charm of this story is that it finished with dancing and singing in happy and fanny, while holding a heavy theme of black discrimination that remains strong in America.
There are heavy themes including racism, but how to draw is just pop.
I felt that singing and dancing was a magical power that could change people in no time.

Mamiko Kikuchi


Directed by Yoji Yamamoto

In fact, this is a film that I would like to recommend in order to feel happier than any other piece. This series can not be removed by all means.

This series is a long film that has been certified by Guinness, including “Welcome back Tora-san” which was released last December.
If you name your favorite movie, there is no kiri, but if you consider all 50 of these works together as one piece, the splendor of this work, including the time and year is exceptional.

For me, rather than the category of “movies”, it is a “heart supplement” that is necessary when you want to be energetic.
Please take some time for Tora-san if there is more time during “stayhome”.