Mamiko Kikuchi

A stories of girl&girl

The love of men and women is an image that attracts each other in search of something that is not. However, there is an image that the love of the woman and the woman unites each other’s souls.
I have never been in love with a girl before.
However, it is a girl for me who wants to touch a soft, wet lip, and a plump skin.
The heroines of the five works that I introduce this time, all of them were originally men of love, but the other party of destiny happened to be a woman. It is sucked to the fragrance like the bee, and it becomes feelings like the twins of one egg property when the face is approached enough to touch the eyelash, and it is extremely happy if the mind can become one even if the body cannot become one.

Mamiko Kikuchi


Directed by Momoko Ando

One day, Rico suddenly fell in love with Halu.
I like to touch soft things.
I like to be touched.
Like a girl who smells good.
The love of Rico, who is straight in the eye like that, is too straight and pounding.
Halu doesn’t want friends to know she’s a lesbian, and she cares about her reputation, so she can’t love Rico in the same way Rico loves her.
Even if it is a love of fate, it is not possible to walk in the same stride. It was teach to see the fragile relationship between the two, as if one had to wait slowly for her mother to pull the hand of a young child.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Blue Is the Warmest Colour

Directed by Abdellatif Kechiche

The other party of destiny enters the eyes straight even in the distance. The handsome woman with the eyes of blue hair is chased by eyes before one is fascinated and it is attracted fast. The mysterious Emma’s presence was so intense that I fell in love with Emma in the screen.
It has become regrettable that two people were born in separate people in the intensity as if the love of two people was very sublime, and the mind was integrated.
By the way, because the love scene was too hard, the starring Rea sedu and Adele Exalcopros said do not want to appear in this director’s work in the future! It was so. It is full of the madness of the director everywhere.

Mamiko Kikuchi

The Handmaiden

Directed by Park Chan-wook

There is not a lot of explicit sex, but the world of a dazzling transformation that I feel everywhere.
The Pure Love born by the Betrayal and Eros born by the Domination and Eros by Eros.
In this work that has exploded the transformation of the fetish of the director of the Park chan-wook called Tarantino of Korea, the only sublime is the pure love scene of the servant and the lady.
I’m not a hobby is a love scene between women, the servant initiated a pure young lady who does not know anything, and look at the two people staring at the eye , I was praying that only the love of these two people was true love and want they to be genuine love until the end of story.
It is not able to put out to the movie of Europe and America, and because the moisture and soggy feeling peculiar to the movie Korea is made to stand the mystery of this work, I might feel the love scene extra erotic, too?


Mamiko Kikuchi

Mulholland Drive

Directed by David Lynch

It is a gloomy world, but I do not want to run away for some reason. It is trapped in a mysterious box and it is a strange immersive feeling that I want to open the box in the back more.
What a nasty movie this is. The heroine was trapped in a box of the inner world, drowning in love and Eros and being looked down by madness.
Because the real happiness is always a dangerous thing anyway, it only has to confine it in the box with the person who loves oneself and the love better.
The love scene that is too beautiful to remain in the history of the movie of the young and lovely Naomi Watts and bewitching Laura Halling.
It seemed to be dizzy only by seeing in the fragile beauty of two people on the verge of collapse.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Luxurious bones

Directed by Isao Yukisada

Two girls, like best friends, were living like sisters sometimes like lovers . The story of a strange triangular relationship where a man begins to get involved suddenly their life.
In the dusk, only the human relations in front of us are all tranquil time in the world. It’s always unstable and changing, but I think it’s just like a puzzle, but there really isn’t a piece of the puzzle.
Human beings are born alone and depart alone. Japanese people have the virtue that the words want to say is hiding in their hearts, and the bones that are trapped forever until the important words become bones may surely become “extravagant bones” for someone else.