Mamiko Kikuchi

Films drowned in fetishism

“Fetish” is a very pop and unique sound.But the sound of “fetishism” sounds very dangerous and mysterious . I’ve not been stuck with any particular part or thing yet, but I envy them who can love something .I wonder whether the character makes a fetishism or the fetishism makes the character.


Mamiko Kikuchi

Air Doll

Directed by Hirokazu Koreda

When the air is put in, the body swells, and the men begin to love her as they like.
“I’m an air doll, I’m a sex substitute”
One day, the air puppet that became “Human woman”. She walked, laughed, and fell in love with a man.
We seem to be scattered all over the world, but we are loosely connected.
It was shown the comparison with the air doll which tried to feel “live” with people who dared to shut off the connection with the person, and hbaled by the substitute, and I became a little painful feelings.

Mamiko Kikuchi


Directed by Diane Bertrand

Iris who works in the specimen factory where only a strange specimen keep is in love with the elder specimen technician.
The decadent, sensual world of Yoko Ogawa matches the taste of France film, and the beautiful nudes of the Olga Kurylenko who played Bond girl in “007 Quantum of Solace” and the image of a tranquil specimen factory were impressive.
The specimen technician gives Iris a beautiful high heel shoe and begs her to wear it every day. The love story that is expressed only in shoes is so erotic and classy.
It is like a fear of being caught in his specimen room, and the fluctuation of the intricate mind of iris, such as joy. Therefore, it is always pounding when watching this.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Lars and the Real Girl

Directed by Craig Gillespie

Shy Lars’s lover Bianca is a real doll sold on the adult website.
Shy Lars’s lover Bianca is a real doll sold on the adult website.
I envied real doll that is loved a little, because Ryan Gosling who is acting Lars stares at the real doll, with his lovely gentle eye.
He needs Bianca to connect with the world, and he needs the gentle eyes on him around him. Human beings are so interesting because they create such a wonderful love story from “fetishism”.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Directed by Tom Tykwer


I hear the words “smell fetish” often, but the content is different. Because the smell is not eternal, it is beautiful, and because it is fleeting, it is a very noble art. this Jean repeats the cruel act which transcends man’s area to confine the Maiden’s purity fragrance forever.
Although fetishism is not a bad thing, it is the end of the human race and the demise of the world if beyond moderation that pursues only the desire satisfy alone.
Let’s do any fetish act under mutual consent.。

Mamiko Kikuchi


Directed by Daigo Matsui

“Hey, could you shave my hair, please? This story is slick men who worry about not growing hair, youth blues with girls troubled by the hairy.
Sometimes the inferiority complex may be an enviable existence for someone else. The relationship to share the inferiority complex is a little bit erotic.
After school time spent with her, who really worried about the hairy, the boy whose naughty delusion had swelled gradually was interesting and I laughed.
I do not know whether there is actually shaved fetish, but I want you to watch with warm eyes the miserable youth of pure boy who has become too pure shaving time.