Mamiko Kikuchi

Girl’s Lost Virgin’s story

The weight of losing a virgin is probably different for each person.The person who thinks like a solemn ceremony to protect it indefinitely, and there is a person who cuts it is a rite of passage to a mere adult woman oppositely, too.
Yet, even though you do not know the ecstasy of the future, accepting that someone comes into the blood and bleed, a very courageous act! Therefore, the world seen from the girl side is variously complex.
Take a peek at the various first stories of such various girls who are romantic or sad.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Stealing Beauty

Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci

The director of this work Bernardo Bertolucci passed away in 2018. He was a well-known director, not only for its vivid image, but also for its beautifully projected actress.
The 19-year-old Riv Tyler, who played the heroine in this film, also beautifully performed the moment when the girl became an adult in an impressive figure that stretched long and supple limbs.
A journey exploring my mother’s past unexpectedly leads to the awakening of her sex and She hope to get closer to mother soon, even though She doesn’t know deep love yet, She falls in love with a man I have met soon.
I thought that such a fresh and wild lost virgin story is cool somehow.


Mamiko Kikuchi


Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud

This is a story of aesthetic love that the girl who does not know how to love yet is drowned in the pleasure of sex for the comfort to a dull daily and poverty.
The appearance of the young person who wiped the red blood flowing from between the girl’s legs silently was very erotic than the scene where two people had sex in the boiling hot room of street corner of Saigon.
Until I saw this, I thought that Love will born only after two people met and stared, but I knew that there is a love that would catch the heart after the body and body were together.

Mamiko Kikuchi

JOZE and tiger and fish

Directed by Issin inudo

This is a story of the girl Joze who hides in the wall without wishing to make love, and has lived indifferently.
He eats the meal which she made delicious.He shed tears for her. It is a once in a lifetime love that a girl who did not know to be loved and wanted to be loved by devoting all her mind and body.
It was impressive scene that Mr. Tsumabuki hugged Ms Ikewaki’s nude as if he really loved.
And, it was excited to know anew that the lost Virgin was such an important one.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Pretty Baby

Directed by Louis Malle

Girls always like to be who they are. Wearing a dress, becoming a princess, wearing an apron, and becoming a mother…
Even though Violet is still 12 years old, she is trying to catch up with her mother, selling her virginity, and trying to love someone.
However It is not to be able to become an adult woman only by being embraced by the man. It is not possible to become chaste wife only by marrying.
A young violet who immediately returns to mum’s daughter if she is hugged by her mother, is attractive unbalance that seduce the adult man bewitching.

Mamiko Kikuchi

The sky of this country

Directed by Haruhiko Arai

I had never thought that I might die suddenly tomorrow or that my lover may leave tomorrow.
The men in the circumference were taken in military service around the age when I was the most beautiful, and there was no young man. At such times, it is inevitable that the sex of the inside of me wakes up when it is stared at by an adult man and it is held “beautiful” for the first time.
Even if it is said that it is shameless, because the sharp desire like the arrow was thirsty and wants to be embraced by him at once, goes to his house to give the freshly tomatoes to him in the midnight. Knowing that there is also a way to dedicate such a bold virgin, I have been a little jealous of the her who can do such a thing.