Fabrizio QuagliusoAritmia


物語の主人公はミア リベラム

Aritmia is story about a dream and about a journey.
The story has a main character: Mia (model Mia Liberum).
It’s Mia’s journey but it’s also our journey. It’s a journey in the land between reality and dream, into ourselves and into the nature, following its heartbeat and exploring the forces that flow through life. It is a journey to reconnect to our true and primordial selves and rediscover our essence as human beings.


model : Mia Liberum

Aritmia is story about a dream……
ChiMyIf you want,you can do anything to me.
I’m fine people think I’m a bad girl.

Shy women are cute and attractive. The expressions of 8 people who decided to prepare for their loved ones.
Emotions that each holds
“I can do whatever you want
“Maybe it’s rumored to be a bad girl.”


Adding the theme song to this illustration, Momoe Yamaguchi’s “AOI KAJITSU”
When the subscription is canceled and the playlist is playing
I heard this phrase.


No matter what you do
I want everyone to connect with people who think so.


Shy women are cute ……
Kenji Takedalatitude



Kenji Takeda takes a feeling of distance and atmosphere
when only two people are in the room.


Kenji Takeda takes a feeling ……
Ban Yamamotosnap



This is a photo taken by Ban Yamamoto ,
who was staying in Berlin, wanting to hide “a thing like a flow” in his daily life.


model :S

This is a photo taken……
skin_beigeJust alive



What does she describe when she takes a picture of herself?
It’s not a dark world or loneliness, but I don’t hate loneliness.
I want to know more about women’s selfies.


model :skin_beige

What does she describe when……
s.end.cone day



s.end.c used window lights and room electricity
to photograph his loved one.


model :suya

s.end.c used window……
ZuruchangHalf Night Love・MIMI

A MANGA work drawn by actress Zuruchang.
It’s not a four-frame MANGA published on her Instagram, but a story.


A MANGA work drawn ……
TaKu‛ ,nTransformation、Regeneration、Reconstruction



TaKu‘ ,n creates works using various materials and methods.
Each has a meaning and is transformed and reconstructed to have a new meaning.


TaKu‘ ,n creates works using ……
taiyou amanoAnxiety



At the end of his teens,
Amano Taiyo photographed his anxiety and impatience in the hustle and bustle of the city.
Please feel anxiety and impatience


model :真来 みく Miku Maki

At the end of his teens……
Nao TokiwaDawn of paradise


コロナで変わる前の世界と今の変化 最初から読んでみてください

The final episode of Nao Tokiwa’s series that has continued from vol6.
The world before and now changes with corona.
Please read from the beginning



The final episode of……

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