Mamiko KikuchiFemme Fatales in the movie










“Femme Fatale” means a woman of destiny or a woman with charm to destroy a man’s destiny.
What a charm that can destroy someone’s destiny?
I want to know the dangerous charm of Femme Fatale secretly.

The Hairdresser’s Husband

directed by Patrice Leconte


This movie is a story about Femme Fatale in the sense of woman of destiny.
Most of men think that they want to live like a pimp at least once, right?
This is a story of a man who had realized such a childhood dream in a form like a lie.
The mysterious beauty of Anna Galiena was like a goddess, and because of the pheromone that she emits through the screen, I felt as if I was watching fairy tale.
In short, this is a story of a man who easily realized the dream of an adolescent boy who wanted to send beautiful ideal women and passionate days, but it’s not unnatural, but rather a good aftertaste movie.


directed by Alex Garland


This is not about a human girl but a strange love story of an AI girl.
In just a few years this may happen in many places.
Even if it is AI, if these attractive AI girls tempt boys all over the world with thier soft and smooth skin, human girls can not survive!
If that happens, we might even need a sexy AI boys.
I think that there is no man who is not captivated by watching wet eyes and balanced perfect nude of Alicia Vicandel who played AI in this movie.

The Dreamers

directed by Bernardo Bertolucci


The American International student Matthew, a movie geek, encounters a fascinating identical twins in their school and begins a communal life in their apartment.
First of all, it is very strange that they are heterosexual twins. Since twins of single eggs can not be mixed twins, at that time their existence seems to be a dream.

It was probably inevitable that the Matthew was entangled with twins’s spider threads and became not able to move.
The days of their triangular relationship , immoral and decadent, made me feel like I was peeping at what I should not have seen.
Despite aesthetic appeal above her age, Isabelle also has a charm of girl-likeness.
Because the attractive nude of Eva Green who played Isabelle was like an perfect art piece, I was excited with her charm.


directed by Kon Ichikawa


Do you like world of Junichiro Tanizaki?
It is difficult to understand all of Junichiro Tanizaki ‘s deep masochism, but I do not dislike such aesthetic things.
This is one of the propensity of such a Tanizaki “cuckold desire” was made into a movie by Director Kon Ichikawa.
From the outside, it’s classy, but it’s actually vulgar, and it’s confusing that we have no idea who’s thinking, but all characters in this movie are humorous and funny.
If there is no other world after death,
trick of these people will be lost in the mist and buried forever.
I guess there are many keys scattered around this world without opening the doors.

Magical Girl

directed by Carlos Vermut


This is neither dark-fantasy nor mystery nor suspense. I was little upset when I first watched this movie.
Although it can not express well, It was an unforgettable movie that I caked to mind after watch it.
A beautiful housewife and a girl suffering from leukemia.
These two magical girls unconsciously mislead middle-aged men and lead them to a miserable future.
Every characters in this movie are very dark and the mystery deepens without being able to sympathize with anyone , and it gets drawn into the dark and strange world steadily.
I liked this plot like a puzzle game in which the episode that seemed to be scattered to the halfway point was understood in 20 minutes.

Mamiko KikuchiAbout borderless love story



What is the border of love?
I don’t know when and how the border of Love was decided.
If you whisk away all that distinction between your sex, the earth person, the animal or the fish, everything in this universe might be dear.
Let’s take a step forward. The public eye and common sense are bastards!

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

directed by John Cameron Mitchell


I took a little stroll in the middle of the night and wandered into the strange party in a big mansion where I had never seen.
Maybe a cult religion?
I’d run away to skedaddle if I always, but what if there’s a transcendence pretty girl in there?
Even if it is vomited at the time of the first kiss, strange sex negotiation does not care.
It is because the other party is her that I can love like this.
Even in love for only 48 hours, because their love was so pure and sweet, I was very envied.

Call Me By Your Name

directed by Luca Guadagnino


When falling in love with someone, the deep part of the body may be bloodshot before the heart.
[I’m you. you’re me.]
If we must separate someday ,I want to become existence together rather.
There must be no waste in the breaking of such a thought, and the moment when all the people grow up.
The love of destiny sometimes is not connected, and it is possible to be connected even if it is not love of the fate oppositely.
The world manages to turn around though such some inconsolable feelings are burying in the bottom of water and the bottom of the soil.

The Brand New Testament

directed by Jaco Van Dormael


I might be scolded if I said such a thing, but the god of the Bible is quite moral harassment.
This is a story about the played of God who has always tormented us from the perspective of heaven.
If you are bound by the crappy common sense of the world and you are trapped in your true self, watch this movie.
Might be a little sympathetic to the appearance of a housewife in love with a gorilla!
If you imagine that tomorrow the world will be gone, you will have a new form of love that you didn’t know, and you might love yourself more than you do now.

The Shape of Water

directed by Guillermo del Toro


It is the life which repeats the usual routine ruled by the frame decided in the society waking at the same time every day.
I have only a few good friends. I’m happy because everyone is kind to me, but my heart is always very lonely.
In front of me, an ugly and attractive creature appeared. He is the first person to watch me straight.
【From that day on, he became my God.】
This is a grotesque work of Guillermo del Toro, but a beautiful mysterious fairy tale.
I don’t wanna mind other people’s eyes .
I just would like to melt into the sea ,and feel free to drift into the bubbles of water without thinking anything.

Edward Scissorhands

directed by Tim Burton


You must not hug someone you love.
Have you ever experienced such a painful feeling?
An artificial man with a scissors hand just fell in love with a beautiful girl.
The truth is easily twisted by someone’s vanity and jealousy, and pure existence cannot even raise a voice.
The modern version “Beauty and the Beast” is a satire on the appearance of foolish men who were desperate to exclude the irregular shape, and it becomes sad only by recalling because it is a little cruel and is unrelenting.

Mamiko KikuchiFilm drowned in fetishism



“Fetish” is a very pop and unique sound.But the sound of “fetishism” sounds very dangerous and mysterious . I’ve not been stuck with any particular part or thing yet, but I envy them who can love something .I wonder whether the character makes a fetishism or the fetishism makes the character.

Air Doll

Directed by Hirokazu Koreda


When the air is put in, the body swells, and the men begin to love her as they like.
“I’m an air doll, I’m a sex substitute”
One day, the air puppet that became “Human woman”. She walked, laughed, and fell in love with a man.
We seem to be scattered all over the world, but we are loosely connected.
It was shown the comparison with the air doll which tried to feel “live” with people who dared to shut off the connection with the person, and hbaled by the substitute, and I became a little painful feelings.


Directed by Diane Bertrand


Iris who works in the specimen factory where only a strange specimen keep is in love with the elder specimen technician.
The decadent, sensual world of Yoko Ogawa matches the taste of France film, and the beautiful nudes of the Olga Kurylenko who played Bond girl in “007 Quantum of Solace” and the image of a tranquil specimen factory were impressive.
The specimen technician gives Iris a beautiful high heel shoe and begs her to wear it every day. The love story that is expressed only in shoes is so erotic and classy.
It is like a fear of being caught in his specimen room, and the fluctuation of the intricate mind of iris, such as joy. Therefore, it is always pounding when watching this.

Lars and the Real Girl

Directed by Craig Gillespie


Shy Lars’s lover Bianca is a real doll sold on the adult website.
Shy Lars’s lover Bianca is a real doll sold on the adult website.
I envied real doll that is loved a little, because Ryan Gosling who is acting Lars stares at the real doll, with his lovely gentle eye.
He needs Bianca to connect with the world, and he needs the gentle eyes on him around him. Human beings are so interesting because they create such a wonderful love story from “fetishism”.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Directed by Tom Tykwer


I hear the words “smell fetish” often, but the content is different. Because the smell is not eternal, it is beautiful, and because it is fleeting, it is a very noble art. this Jean repeats the cruel act which transcends man’s area to confine the Maiden’s purity fragrance forever.
Although fetishism is not a bad thing, it is the end of the human race and the demise of the world if beyond moderation that pursues only the desire satisfy alone.
Let’s do any fetish act under mutual consent.


Directed by Daigo Matsui


“Hey, could you shave my hair, please? This story is slick men who worry about not growing hair, youth blues with girls troubled by the hairy.
Sometimes the inferiority complex may be an enviable existence for someone else. The relationship to share the inferiority complex is a little bit erotic.
After school time spent with her, who really worried about the hairy, the boy whose naughty delusion had swelled gradually was interesting and I laughed.
I do not know whether there is actually shaved fetish, but I want you to watch with warm eyes the miserable youth of pure boy who has become too pure shaving time.

Mamiko KikuchiGirl’s Lost Virgin’s story



The weight of losing a virgin is probably different for each person.The person who thinks like a solemn ceremony to protect it indefinitely, and there is a person who cuts it is a rite of passage to a mere adult woman oppositely, too.
Yet, even though you do not know the ecstasy of the future, accepting that someone comes into the blood and bleed, a very courageous act! Therefore, the world seen from the girl side is variously complex.
Take a peek at the various first stories of such various girls who are romantic or sad.

Stealing Beauty

Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci


The director of this work Bernardo Bertolucci passed away in 2018. He was a well-known director, not only for its vivid image, but also for its beautifully projected actress.
The 19-year-old Riv Tyler, who played the heroine in this film, also beautifully performed the moment when the girl became an adult in an impressive figure that stretched long and supple limbs.
A journey exploring my mother’s past unexpectedly leads to the awakening of her sex and She hope to get closer to mother soon, even though She doesn’t know deep love yet, She falls in love with a man I have met soon.
I thought that such a fresh and wild lost virgin story is cool somehow.


Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud


This is a story of aesthetic love that the girl who does not know how to love yet is drowned in the pleasure of sex for the comfort to a dull daily and poverty.
The appearance of the young person who wiped the red blood flowing from between the girl’s legs silently was very erotic than the scene where two people had sex in the boiling hot room of street corner of Saigon.
Until I saw this, I thought that Love will born only after two people met and stared, but I knew that there is a love that would catch the heart after the body and body were together.

JOZE and tiger and fish

Directed by Issin inudo


This is a story of the girl Joze who hides in the wall without wishing to make love, and has lived indifferently.
He eats the meal which she made delicious.He shed tears for her. It is a once in a lifetime love that a girl who did not know to be loved and wanted to be loved by devoting all her mind and body.
It was impressive scene that Mr. Tsumabuki hugged Ms Ikewaki’s nude as if he really loved.
And, it was excited to know anew that the lost Virgin was such an important one.

Pretty Baby

Directed by Louis Malle


Girls always like to be who they are. Wearing a dress, becoming a princess, wearing an apron, and becoming a mother…
Even though Violet is still 12 years old, she is trying to catch up with her mother, selling her virginity, and trying to love someone.
However It is not to be able to become an adult woman only by being embraced by the man. It is not possible to become chaste wife only by marrying.
A young violet who immediately returns to mum’s daughter if she is hugged by her mother, is attractive unbalance that seduce the adult man bewitching.

The sky of this country

Directed by Haruhiko Arai


I had never thought that I might die suddenly tomorrow or that my lover may leave tomorrow.
The men in the circumference were taken in military service around the age when I was the most beautiful, and there was no young man. At such times, it is inevitable that the sex of the inside of me wakes up when it is stared at by an adult man and it is held “beautiful” for the first time.
Even if it is said that it is shameless, because the sharp desire like the arrow was thirsty and wants to be embraced by him at once, goes to his house to give the freshly tomatoes to him in the midnight. Knowing that there is also a way to dedicate such a bold virgin, I have been a little jealous of the her who can do such a thing.



Mamiko KikuchiStories of girl & girl

The love of men and women is an image that attracts each other in search of something that is not. However, there is an image that the love of the woman and the woman unites each other’s souls.I have never been in love with a girl before.
However, it is a girl for me who wants to touch a soft, wet lip, and a plump skin.The heroines of the five works that I introduce this time, all of them were originally men of love, but the other party of destiny happened to be a woman. It is sucked to the fragrance like the bee, and it becomes feelings like the twins of one egg property when the face is approached enough to touch the eyelash, and it is extremely happy if the mind can become one even if the body cannot become one.


Directed by Momoko Ando


One day, Rico suddenly fell in love with Halu.
I like to touch soft things.
I like to be touched.
Like a girl who smells good.
The love of Rico, who is straight in the eye like that, is too straight and pounding.
Halu doesn’t want friends to know she’s a lesbian, and she cares about her reputation, so she can’t love Rico in the same way Rico loves her.
Even if it is a love of fate, it is not possible to walk in the same stride. It was teach to see the fragile relationship between the two, as if one had to wait slowly for her mother to pull the hand of a young child.

Blue Is the Warmest Colour

Directed by Abdellatif Kechiche


The other party of destiny enters the eyes straight even in the distance. The handsome woman with the eyes of blue hair is chased by eyes before one is fascinated and it is attracted fast. The mysterious Emma’s presence was so intense that I fell in love with Emma in the screen.
It has become regrettable that two people were born in separate people in the intensity as if the love of two people was very sublime, and the mind was integrated.
By the way, because the love scene was too hard, the starring Rea sedu and Adele Exalcopros said do not want to appear in this director’s work in the future! It was so. It is full of the madness of the director everywhere.

The Handmaiden

Directed by Park Chan-wook


There is not a lot of explicit sex, but the world of a dazzling transformation that I feel everywhere.
The Pure Love born by the Betrayal and Eros born by the Domination and Eros by Eros.
In this work that has exploded the transformation of the fetish of the director of the Park chan-wook called Tarantino of Korea, the only sublime is the pure love scene of the servant and the lady.
I’m not a hobby is a love scene between women, the servant initiated a pure young lady who does not know anything, and look at the two people staring at the eye , I was praying that only the love of these two people was true love and want they to be genuine love until the end of story.
It is not able to put out to the movie of Europe and America, and because the moisture and soggy feeling peculiar to the movie Korea is made to stand the mystery of this work, I might feel the love scene extra erotic, too?

Mulholland Drive

Directed by David Lynch


It is a gloomy world, but I do not want to run away for some reason. It is trapped in a mysterious box and it is a strange immersive feeling that I want to open the box in the back more.
What a nasty movie this is. The heroine was trapped in a box of the inner world, drowning in love and Eros and being looked down by madness.
Because the real happiness is always a dangerous thing anyway, it only has to confine it in the box with the person who loves oneself and the love better.
The love scene that is too beautiful to remain in the history of the movie of the young and lovely Naomi Watts and bewitching Laura Halling.
It seemed to be dizzy only by seeing in the fragile beauty of two people on the verge of collapse.

Luxurious bones

Directed by Isao Yukisada


Two girls, like best friends, were living like sisters sometimes like lovers . The story of a strange triangular relationship where a man begins to get involved suddenly their life.
In the dusk, only the human relations in front of us are all tranquil time in the world. It’s always unstable and changing, but I think it’s just like a puzzle, but there really isn’t a piece of the puzzle.
Human beings are born alone and depart alone. Japanese people have the virtue that the words want to say is hiding in their hearts, and the bones that are trapped forever until the important words become bones may surely become “extravagant bones” for someone else.



Mamiko KikuchiA story depicting the love of the difference of the year

A story depicting the love of the difference of the year
The continuation of love may be a little longer for a man. Most men want to have a date with a young girl, even if they become old.
However, there is a life stage in the woman, and the love target which becomes favorite in the process of growth often changes. There may be many faces in the woman.
This theme is a story about an older man and a young woman’s love affair. There are quite a lot of movies of this kind.
Men love young girls because of their dominion, or simply because they want to see their young naked. It is a curiosity and stimulation for a young woman to mingle with an older man.
Whether such awkward love is trapped in this world forever, or it will be brutally broken, depends on how man loves.


Directed by Luis Buñuel


A story depicting the love of the difference of the year

The continuation of love may be a little longer for a man. Most men want to have a date with a young girl, even if they become old.

However, there is a life stage in the woman, and the love target which becomes favorite in the process of growth often changes. There may be many faces in the woman.

This theme is a story about an older man and a young woman’s love affair. There are quite a lot of movies of this kind.

Men love young girls because of their dominion, or simply because they want to see their young naked. It is a curiosity and stimulation for a young woman to mingle with an older man.

Whether such awkward love is trapped in this world forever, or it will be brutally broken, depends on how man loves.

An Education

Directed by Lone Scherfig


This is a textbook for every girl who will become a woman.

Seventeen years old is a very dangerous age. The girlish ness with a sense of clarity shines because there is a backlash and a conflict.

When such a secret and exciting world appeared in front of me, I thought that the boring life I had been shown until now was a lie.

If the adult man who enjoys dancing till late and is able to enjoy sake is made easy, I feel that I become a special existence.

This adult love that the young Julie jumped in the gap of this uneasiness and curiosity still receives a very painful end, and such a bitter love is necessary for the girl when the woman is one step before becoming an adult.

A man’s life

Directed by Ryuichi Hiroki


It’s better to gaze at the feelings of hate or frustration. The feeling is that 0.0 a few percent of the “I like It” is hidden, it might replace “like” some day.

frustrating feelings that cannot be explained can become like bonds without knowing it.

It becomes unsatisfactory if not staying. The character of such a peculiar elderly man ,Toyokawa Etsuji plays in the presence of preeminent, and his sexy of the adult only is wonderful.

The reason why he can caress her so erotic is because he is an experienced adult man.


Directed by Isabel Coixet


Since people are always hurt and live, they should live the rest of their lives trembling the art.

Penélope Cruz who played the schoolgirl of the heroine who moved the mind of the old aged professor showed the nude without stint. Her breast and the line which hangs from her waist to the buttocks is charmed like an art product.

She told David who is shedding tears seeing her missing part of body, “I seem much older than you.” such a her sense of presence looks much more beautiful than her when she was young.

The man is tormented by uneasiness when the death is imminent, and does the woman increase the life power when the death is imminent? It is a work that is made to feel very high quality somehow while drawing human eros.

The Bow

Directed by Kim Ki-duk


What an erotic fable. The common sense and the law of the ground seem to be gradually meaningless when seeing the special world only of the old man and the girl who was built in the swaying sea.

As soon as it is loosened even by one, it drives off the pitch though the tone played with a pin-taut thread heals the heart of people.

As opposed to decaying old life, only the god of Heaven can fill the distortion of the young life that shines on the day. The old man shines the hope of the heavens with a bow and arrow on his chest, begging for heaven’s forgiveness.

Although it was a story that I felt physiologically impossible at the beginning, I saw their ceremonial ceremonies of their marriage on board, and I felt a complex feeling similar to both giving up and overwhelming.

The Han Yeo-Rum’s primitive eros decorate this work more mysteriously, and leave the afterglow which is hard to express.



Mamiko KikuchiGIRL

What kind of girl do you think of “Little Devil”?
There are many little devil girl who cheats and tosses a boy is full of a lot of the world, but the “little devil” I think is a little different.
If she lives freely and innocently as she is, the boy friend will lose mental before she is aware.
I think that such a girl is a real “little devil”.
This time, I introduce the story of the girls who do not realize at all that I am a small devil like that.
It’s annoying, but if I was born a boy, I might want to be at the mercy of the little devil once.


Directed by Christian Marquand


It’s like a reality of men’s delusions, the original erotic girl, Candy.
Big and eyes and big boobs.
Because the candy like barbie doll stares at man’s men like the desire, men inadvertently misunderstand, and only strange men come one after another around her.
Is this a little devil? It might be only a goofy in her case.
I’m sure feminists will frown on candy who doesn’t have the chastity. but she’s a man’s ideal angel.
If there were so many erotic and cute girls in this world, the world might be more peaceful.

Yuka on Monday

Directed by Yasushi Nakahira


She sleeps with anyone. But I won’t kiss you.
The main character, Yuka, is young, but she has a dad and doesn’t live a decent life, but for some reason she doesn’t feel bad about it.
I’m sure it’s because there’s no calculation in her conduct. She just want to please a man, and smile with a doll-like lovely face, and give the body to a man.
To please a man, her lovely young face and body were needed and she lived too much in a bohemian way, and eventually without knowing that it will hurt only one important person.
It’s a stylish and pop piece, but at the end of the story, the back of my heart is in a tight way. A painful story about a girl who doesn’t know love.


Directed by Věra Chytilová


I want to do very bad things.
I want to do a trick that makes adults uncomfortable. It is a problem work that became forbidden in czech Republic at the time of publication.
The ethics has already collapsed, two girls who do not care about the trouble of the person.
They trick ed older men, broke the sheets of bets, and did all the bad things, but maybe this is the antithesis of society.
It is not possible to hear even if it raises it voice, and the only way to express defiance is to appeal while breaking.
If the shape of the cry of young people who lived in such an age is these confused women, their unbridled appearance might also come into view to the different one.

(500) Days of Summer

Directed by Marc Webb


This is the word spoken at the beginning.
If you expect a sweet and cute love story, you’ll get hurt.
Love seems to be rolling around in an easy way, but it’s really hard to get it running well.
One of them runs and the other is left behind and the gear collapses.
So-called this is the philosophy of love.
And this story of Love, not destiny. that everyone sure to be experienced.
Summer is very selfish, but if you put your hand on your chest, everyone might be hurting someone like Summer.
Story of love but not destiny. that’s everyone sure to be experienced.
Summer is very selfish, but if you put your hand on your chest, everyone might be hurting someone like Summer.


Directed by Keisuke Yoshida


The little devil who comes out here is “girlfriend’s sister”.
Her sister who suddenly appeared to her living together suddenly is very pretty in the way of speaking and the expression very much.
And, the ant hell that the man who got excited strangely to spend with a pretty girl under the same roof got stuck. This is a troublesome triangle relationship and here i’m watching is also pounding.
I think it’s embarrassing that a big man is still at the mercy of children’s interest-oriented play.
On the other hand, this might not be helped.
It is an appearance of Lolita small devil who seems to be Really Japan to consent.



Mamiko KikuchiBeautiful and gentle mysterious triangle relationship

Beautiful and gentle mysterious triangle relationship
There are a lot of films about homosexuality, but I like some of the stories of friendships between gay men and women.
Just as you need a best friend who can talk about anything, even a gay man whose feelings are close to a girl should need a girl friend.
The kind of existence that heals the wound of their heart which lives delicately sometimes like a lover, and sometimes like a mother should be thankful above all.
The appearance of such women also beautiful, and I always admire them.
This time I introduce all of my favorite film works that shine in the appearance of such women.

Laurence Anyways

directed by Xavier Dolan


The love story of the two, in which everything in the world shines in pastel colors like theirs, came to an end suddenly with Lolans’ cumming out.
It’s not equal to wanting to have sex with a man or want to be a woman.
The soul mate of a man who wants to be a woman is not always a man
When we first met, I thought something special was going to happen.
The two of us have always wanted to be together.
A unique form of love that respects each other and is irreplaceable.
Even if theirsheart broken, I saw a ridiculous depth of love that they wanted to respect the other person.
If continue to love loved ones, their spirit will collapse, but if can’t meet , it will collapse.
It is a love story that cannot be solved by a simple equation.
It’s a long, long film, and it’s painful, but I really wanted to keep watching.
I’ve always wanted Fred and Lolance to keep going their story.

A Single Man

directed by Tom Ford


This is the first work by Tom Ford, a master of fashion.
Art works that stick to beautiful images and situations that can only be created by creators with an aesthetic that has no chance to cut in.
This film is about a long day of the university professor who decided to die in order to be liberated from the sadness which lost the lover.
From the time they are conscious of death, people sometimes feel the casual sights of everyday life and the hearts of those involved in them beautifully.
A sense of loss, guilt, and regret for life.
The only warmth of this story was the inclusive presence of the female friend Charlie, played by Julianne Moore, that stood out there.
It was painful to be unable to heal George, who was hurt and could not go back, with his own presence.
I’m sure Charlie still loves him.

Sinbad of the seashore

directed by Ryosuki Hashiguchi


He thinks of me as just a friend, and he’s a pretty transfer student who looks at me lovingly.
It’s so much fun and happy to be with him, so I feel like I can keep this friendship up.
I’m fidgety, and I don’t want to be disliked, so just pretend to be my friend.
A sense of blockage filled with the suffering of adolescent gay boy.
It was that girl he loved that helped me when I was about to break down if I had to tell her all my feelings.
The girl who understood me the most though it thought that it was a rival of love which was not able to be defeated at all.
The sight of a boy in a white dress borrowed from a girl at the beach at dusk is like a wedding bride, and I felt saved by that.

Breakfast on Pluto

directed by Neil Jordan


It is supposed to be a story of tragedies, but this is a work that happy-minded and lovely heroine make us feel happy.
A long trip to find the mother of an orphan Patrick (Patty) who lives in the Irish countryside exclusive to transsexual issues.
There were a few men I loved, but that thought was never filled
Even if happiness reaches out, it always slips out. Even so, She doesn’t give up, and her strength moves our mind.
Patty’s reliable positive power envelops best friend Charlie, and the two begin a strange family relationship.
The secret love that Charlie portrayed when she was a girl will change deep friendship and shape. As she say that it is a life welcome full of turbulent, I am already defeated as a woman in the figure of Patty who walks happily waving her hip.

The way he looks

directed by Daniel Ribeiro


The smell, the touch, the voice, and the thing that can be felt by the sense might actually be more accurate than seeing with the eyes.
Giovanna and Leo are childhood friends of men and women who are tied together in a deep bond.
To become a romantic relationship, they were too close to each other, and i never thought they would be separated from being like a single-minded body.
“Jealousy” of immature boys and girls is very complex.
Gabriel,” an over-attractive transfer student who appeared between the two, shakes the relationship between Giovanna and Leo, without knowing whether it’s love or as a friend.
I want to have a kind kiss with someone someday.
I want to taste the bitterness of love in front of me.
The story of the bitter triangle relationship that makes you notice the important thing which should not be lost while showing the feelings that such an adolescent boy and girl have politely.



Mamiko KikuchiKimono Erotic Films

One thing I think I’m glad to be Japanese is kimono.
Modern kimono that I rarely wear only at special times, but my grandmother loved kimono so much, and the kimono was always familiar.
When I was a girl, let’s talk about memory when I went to a crop shop with my grandmother.
Probably a woman who did not know with clear white skin about the late 20s witnessed the place where she just finished trying on a kimono. She took off the embroidery band dashing and became one piece of underwear in a moment.
The moment was so glossy and sexy, and the heart pounding did not stop even though I was still a young girl.
If I was a man, or if I was a lesbian, I must have pursued the face of the kimono beauty even now because of the afterimage of that time.
The face of that woman was completely forgotten, but because of her beautiful back appearance, I still feel erotic in kimono.
This time, Japanese movies of the gem of the appearance of kimono beauties that I have longed for since ancient times.
Please enjoy the beauty of Japan as you look at Japanese literature and beautiful actresses who add aromatic color to the creativity of masters.


directed by Kaneto Shindoi


A beautiful but sensual work based on the diary of Kafu Nagai, a literary writer who knows about Japanese customs.
Sexual intercourse with a courtesan in geisha house with a shoji background. Yuki Sumida, an actress who embodies the beauty of Japanese women, such as white and transparent, is Burned in my mind.
He seduce a woman at the Cafe and enjoy his favorite geisha.
But at home, he puts rice in a cup by himself. This loneliness of one, the passion to seek the body of women, his desire to run his pen.
The old grief that the cravings of art at the same time as the cravings of carnal decline is a wall where everyone collides.
Sad art and desire are one by one.
His consistent way of life, who loves loneliness, afraid to have a family. However his death is so dignified.
Masahiko Tsugawa was perfectly fitted with the role of Kafu Nagai.
It was so perfect that this film didn’t become just a sensual movie.
Yuki Sumida’s transparent skin embodies all the beauty of Japanese women.
By all means, the best kimono erotic work that I want to recommend to many overseas people.

Laughing IEMON

directed by Yukio Ninagawa


Loving and loving, I finally became like a curse spirit.
I can’t make you happy,
I’m gruesome.
Our two souls that are too pure do not fit well in this world full of doubts and jealousy.
Despite being attracted, if I open my mouth, I utter a vulgar word.
How many more reborn will they be connected with love?
I’m not afraid to die many times to be connected with my dear.
If you go crazy, I just need to go crazy together.
Filled with hatred, scary Yotsuya Ghost story, author Natsuhiko Kyogoku gave a bold interpretation, and also directed Yukio Ninagawa as a lovestory.
OIWA, who had not been embraced by a man once, she met Iemon, to know the joy of the woman for the first time, and knew love. I still remember that scene clealy because that was so elothic.
Again and again in the mortal world, leaving the world with a resentment can not be fused to the world, Even if it is a tragedy, I want say this is happy ending, because the appearance of two people who fit in a coffin looks happy.

Beauty and sorrow

directed by Masahiro Shinoda


Kaoru Yachigusa who died last year was starred this film in her mid-30s. This work of the author Yasunari Kawabata.
No way, I was surprised that there was a past that played such a mysterious love scene of Yachigusa.
In this movie, Mariko Kaga who acted Keiko attacked Otoko’s sleeping.
Longing for her(Yachigusa), changed into love. And she bite Otoko’s ear driven by the jealousy of the her past (Kaoru Yachigusa) that can not be forgotten.
Otoko frown the eyebrows and twist the body.
“I bited like it become hurts.”
Says Keiko. The love scene was so elegant, love scene between such beautiful women is now, I can not meet in Japan so often.
The beauty of Kyoto’s karesansui garden where Otoko lives, and a Japanese-style room with a veranda like a temple overlooking it, and a kimono placed in the darkness is already a national treasure level.
The last tragedy suggests that these beauties will cease to be eternal.
Even when I close my eyes, the beautiful Keiko’s plenty of eyelashes left behind a lingering finish.


directed by Shinya Tsukamoto


The world of Edogawa Ranpo is always in the world of eroglo.
And the world of film director Shinya Tsukamoto always has an abnormal scent.
I watched this film a long time ago, but this creepy and strange world is not quite like other Japanese movies.
A desperate story full of sorrow and hatred, but for some reason fascinates My heart. Perhaps the reason is the avant-garde visuals of this character.
Masahiro Motoki and RYO who acted in this film with shaved eyebrows and cut cat-like eyes.
Despite being human, it seemed creepy something that I don’t think is a thing of the world.
Although I listed as a kimono erotic work, the most beautiful thing in this film is the scene where Rin goes water in naked.
I overlapped the afterimage of that kimono beauty that I loved when I was a girl in love with a beautiful silhouette of phosphorus naked in a beautiful hourglass.
Beautiful her body is piled over and over with thick Kimomo fabric, obscuring even the intrigue of her.
Such a kimono inspire the beauty of Japan even more.


directed by Seijun Suzuki


Ridiculy gorgeous and beautiful, this is the second work of the Romantic trilogy directed by master Seijun Suzuki.
It is also the first piece to know that the combination of kimono and sex scene was artistic.
The woman of the mysterious “winter cherry”. She is a woman with kimono who slips through between her fingers when she chases or chases.
Apparently, “winter cherry” seems to be the soul of a woman.
If you put “winter cherry” on the mischief to another man, the man and the woman are destined to be unable to leave.
The appearance of a woman became uncertain after the fellowship of love or illusion of a dream.
A man becomes like a shadow as she pursues a woman inheartedly.
A woman of fate always suddenly disappears from the front of a man.
Popping out of the lustrous woman’s lips “fruit of the winter cherry” is wet with gloss, it was made to feel that it is being shown something that should not be seen somehow.



Mamiko Kikuchi“stayhome” films that blows off the depressed mood

“stayhome” films that blows off the depressed mood

Now, it is a “stayhome” period, so I want everyone to watch a bright films. So I tried to list the six works that I came up with first.
I prefer Asian European films, but I realized that film that lead me to the positive energy is almost American and Indian movies.

When you feel depressed, a happy ending movie will help you.
The sixth film I introduced is a Japanese film of the all-time My Best I personally did not want to remove. If you have time by all means ♪

Forrest Gump

Directed by Robert Zemeckis


This is the most famous film of Tom Hanks who got over by COVID-19.
He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his second time by this.
A boy at the bottom of the class moves through his life with his innocent spirit, and works miracles from one to the next.
It’s just a simple story that depicts the whole life of a man, but it’s all packed with parent-child love, love, friendship, war, work, and children. And when I watch this, I realize that there is nothing that is impossible for humans.
After watching a good film, I feel really good and I feel like I got a lucky life, and this is at a head of such a film.

Little Miss SunShine

Directed by Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris


A rebirth story of a loser family that made me think that humans are very fragile , but also have powerful spirit more than that.
People say, “If you try, you will always be rewarded”, but in fact it is not so easy.
No matter how hard you work, the effort can become a bubble of water in a moment for no reason.
But how to play it from there is important. Because no matter how much you cry, even if you rampage, the time is constantly flowing and you still have to live.
The last scene is funny and laughing, but for some reason tears cannot stop. It is a movie that cheers while laughing and crying.

Yes Man

Directed by Peyton Reed


Laughter increases immunity, so I want you to watch this by all means.
This is a film of positive and bright strange storie.
The comedy films of Jim Carry are all interesting with funny face acting , but of course, this work is also a lot of funny face bursting!

I want to say “no” to something that I hate, but if I say “yes” when I get lost , it might change the flow of our life?
When you want to forget everything and laugh, when you want to change your mood, you have to watch this film.


Directed by Rajkumar Hirani


This director has become famous for “3 idiots ” but I like this film more!
Even while drawing about the religion that is difficult to touch easily, the best screenplay written well without hurting anyone can cry.

In the story, The questions that PK put to shady religionist was sounds like a word towards the chaotic world today.
After watching this, I thought I want to be an good Earthling who is not embarrassed by aliens of another planets.


Directed by Adam Shankman


If you want to be enveloped in positive energy, I want you to see this.
This is a bright, HAPPY musical.
The role of the protagonist Tracy is insanely charmming!
Her smiling face is so cute , even the beautiful blond hair girls do not compare.
And the charm of this story is that it finished with dancing and singing in happy and fanny, while holding a heavy theme of black discrimination that remains strong in America.
There are heavy themes including racism, but how to draw is just pop.
I felt that singing and dancing was a magical power that could change people in no time.


Directed by Yoji Yamada


In fact, this is a film that I would like to recommend in order to feel happier than any other piece. This series can not be removed by all means.

This series is a long film that has been certified by Guinness, including “Welcome back Tora-san” which was released last December.
If you name your favorite movie, there is no kiri, but if you consider all 50 of these works together as one piece, the splendor of this work, including the time and year is exceptional.

For me, rather than the category of “movies”, it is a “heart supplement” that is necessary when you want to be energetic.
Please take some time for Tora-san if there is more time during “stayhome”.



Mamiko KikuchiMovies depicting the awakening of the boys sex

Boyhood before becoming an adult.
There are times when meet someone who is exciting and heart is pounding.
Even if you do not know whether it is still in love, there is such a time when the body reacts.
There are countless movies in this world depicting the awakening of boyhood sex, but this kind of movie is almost interesting.
It may be because the directors who were once boys follow their important memories and create works as if they were showing their treasures.
I am a woman, but I often relive the feelings of a boy who I could not experience through movies.
Then you can see the world with a completely different feeling for a while after you finish watching it.
Those who were boys call back a distant boy, and those who were not so are new feelings, I would like you to enjoy the story of this superb boyhood by all means.


Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore


I know the existence of a goddess for the first time on that path where the sun shines.
That woman I fell in love is always alone.
The only thing I can do Is staring from behind.
If I was a more adult man, would she turn to me?
I am 12 years old, I can only remember the scent of an adult woman who smells for the first time.But that moment when she smiled at me for the first time is my only treasure.
This story that contrasted the ugliness of an adult to the freshness of the boy’s sexual awakening, and developed the sweet and sour delusion love of the boy Renato into a vivid memory.
The sexy appearance scene of Monica Bellucci of Malena role is divine enough to remain in film history, and it is overwhelmed by the bewitching charm of Monica that protrudes from the screen.

Boobs and moon

Directed by Bigas Luna


This is the story of the protagonist Tete who fell in love with the boobs of dancers who like to collect tears.
Tete go buy milk only for watch her boobs.

Straightly, the figure seeking such a breast without stagnation is too lovely.
It seems to be playful, but this is a fairy tale for those who love seriously, if you say, for those who love breasts.
Watching the nude scene of bold actresses makes you feel calm and happy.

Heart Stone

Directed by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson


Like fish that getting rotten while raised from the sea, even if they sprout in their hearts, there is an emotion that is erased without being noticed by anyone.
A story that feels a sense of occlusion even though it is a stage of a village surrounded by a wide nature and endless sea.
The story of a completely different impression between the first half of the boys and girls who enjoy kissing games and the second half of the second half showing the trapped feelings of the protagonist.
Since Adam and Eve were spelled out in the Bible, the combination of a man
and a woman has been like a human necessity. So when does the sexual love between a man and a woman wake up?
It is arrogant that I think I know the most about myself, and in fact everyone is something that I don’t know most about myself.
There was no such thing that drew the awakening of the boy’s sex as hard as this work.
It was a movie that depicts the trajectory of Iceland’s little love that became painful to the depths of the chest.


Directed by Richard Benjamin


Frank who does not know his mom, plans to collect pocket money with friends, go to town by bicycle, and get the prostitute to see her tits. And that it will make a ridiculous miracle!
There is no obsession to the female body of the boys around this age.

However, the desire for this boyhood is also the opportunity to make a wonderful drama.
There is a moment when “curiosity” and “love” combine well to cause a chemical reaction, and a new “love” is born.
Melanie Griffith, who played a prostitute in this movie, is insanely erotic, cute, unique and best!
I became happy by her acting and also entertained by the lovely youth of the unique boys.

Penguin Highway

Directed by Hiroyasu Ishida


I’m so frustrated, I’m really frustrating. Until I watch this movie, I never regretted that I was not going through a boyhood.
if I was a boy, I could have enjoyed this movie more!

A procession of penguins suddenly appearing in a residential area.In order to solve the mystery of the penguin highway, Aoyama-kun begins to sneak research on breasts of woman in the neighborhood…
When you read this, may be the meaning is unknown at all.But if you watch this movie, you will be able to travel to this mysterious town at once and immerse yourself.
Even though I don’t know why, this mysterious adventure story was too fun, and I was impressed and crying, maybe I had been a boy in my previous life.
If you had a boyhood longing for an older woman, you will surely be immersed in a nostalgic mood by touching the heartstrings of your heart.
If I had memories of such adventures in the distant summer, I wonder if I was able to become a more respectable adult?

It was published in Amiko Kikuchi, vol14. Women’s critique of five movies that help boys awaken to sex.



Mamiko KikuchiThe story of bewitching beauty vampires

My favorite monster among is “Vampire”
It looks almost no different from human beings, but has its cold-blooded nature that forgot eternal life and humanity.attracted by their odd imbalance.

I think human being are beautiful because they have “love” and “limited life”, but they have “fear”.
But vampires have “cruelty” and “strength” because they don’t have them.
With this brutal strength, I may be attracted to the mysterious because the appearance of devouring human blood even feels eroticism that cannot be imitated by a living human being.

Each of the vampires presented here also emit a completely different and unusual light.
Agony for eternal life and longing for death.
By glimpse of their world irritated to humans, you may be able to sympathize their suffering spiritual world.

Interview with the Vampire

Directed by Neil Jordan


I was made of you.
I resurrected thanks to you.
I hate you like crazy while respecting you who showed me a completely different view. I know I can’t live in this world without you.
But if you were not there, I would not have suffered such suffering

Louis who lost his wife and unintentionally became a vampire at the end of despair, and Lestat who made Louis a vampire.
The relationship between the two is a parent-child, a best friend, and a lover, that strange relationship made my my mind flutter.
Brad Pitt’s bloodless and sad beauty and the coldness of Tom Cruise may be many women in the all over the world wanted to became vampire by these two.

Let the Right One IN

Directed by Tomas Alfredson


Scandinavian winter world spread all over.
Impressive is a pure white snowy landscape with crisp blood spread out.
Have you ever seen such amovie that makes us lonely more than this movie?
If you have motive this with that you want to watch the bewitching appearance of a lovely vampire girl, you should be careful because you will get hurt.
She searches blood for prey only to satisfy hunger every day, forgets her guilt and love, lives only for tomorrow.
Vampire’s Blood sucking is said to mean sex in itself, but Eli’s bloodsucking is different from that.
Eli has only ruthlessness and mercilessness to man. Oscar is caught in such a world of Eli and cannot escape.
My heart filled with desperate feelings when you think of a cycle of girls and boys who have to live secretly and brutally while being stranded in times.

Only Lovers Left Alive

Directed by Jim Jarmusch


Plenty of offbeat feeling.
It’s a fantasy, but still the downer atmosphere unique to Jim Jarmusch drifts stylish.
This is the story of Adam and Eve in the vampire world.
This Adam has also been a musician who has made music for many centuries.
Their anguish that must blend into the modern day and keep living quietly inserted into a unique way, and they see it like this, “Oh maybe even vampire may be hiding somewhere in this world.”There is also a reality directing that makes me believe.

Jim Jarmusch spent seven years to complete this screenplay because he wanted to draw a love story of a modern, commercial vampire never before.
It’s not just stylish and cool, but you can also enjoy a screenplay that makes you feel cool once in a while enjoying a different atmosphere from other vampire works.


Directed by Park Chan-wook


Intense movie anyway!
The development changes every 30 minutes, the destination can not be predicted at all, and every time it is pretending to be emotion.
The basis is Eros and grotesque.
Incorporating brutal suspense while interspersing black laughter in love stories, welcome to the country of chaos ~ ♪
I can’t turn back if I have already started watching it.
Song Gung-ho, who played the pastor of anguish, of course, is the acting of
Kim Ok-bin, who played Taeju, is insanely attractive.

I don’t think it’s the same role to change from a woman with shadow to a sensual image that is unbridled in sex, and eventually transforming into a crazy psychopath!
When I met the priest, Teju, who was an eye like a dead fish, jumps like a fish that got water.
I am amazed that its existence can quickly surpass the main character.
Blood is likely to be sucked out even from the screen, so please watch this when you are in excellent physical condition.


Directed by Shunji Iwai


A unique vampire movie directed by Shunji Iwai with almost an overseas cast.
I honestly didn’t like to draw a hero beautifully as a “lonely modern vampire”The first half.
However, from the scene where Ladybird and Simon on the way feel the eroticism that sucks the poison of Hill, they gradually begin to see the outline as a love story, and the two people who are attracted to the fleeting are enviable pure and beautiful, so I stuck on the screen imperceptibly.

Scenes where Simon and Lady Bird wander in a quiet forest in the sunshine, mother playing piano surrounded by white balloons, Maria dancing on the windowsill and so on is very poetic, it looks like Shunji Iwai, works with fantastic visual expression.
The title is “vampire”, but this may be this is a love story born from despair.
I felt that I could understand their world a little bit if I just snuggle up to their loneliness in the movie.

Mamiko Kikuchi has been published since VOL.16.



Mamiko KikuchiThe story of girls awaking to sex

There is a range of times of awakening of the erotic impulse of girl . Some girl awake in elementary school, and the other do not awake up at all even when they become a high school student.
For example, even if you fall in love with someone, most often dream of platonic romance, such as a girl comic or a drama. So almost never a girl imagines sex from the beginning against that target.
That’s why the awakening of sex begins completely different from the first love or the presence of the opposite sex a strange sensation.
The girls in these movies are also struggling with the “libido” that grew up unknowingly, crying, suffering, and having fun.
They looks lovely, it may be because they live honestly for themselves.


Directed by Lars von Trier


The heroine of this movie yearned to have sex with many kind of men, while fully understanding her values of her beauty from childhood to adolescence.
sometimes she makes sex a game with a friend.
The woman called herself an “Nymphomaniac”.
The old man who seems to be erudite listens to the past Nymphomaniac life of a woman who met by chance. The conversation between the two goes quite deep, but it is comedic they are not on the same page. And surreal is the good thing about this movie.
This work has less metamorphosis like VOL.2. Instead, I recommend Stacy Martin, who acted a teenager’s heroine, because it’s really cute.
This next movie can enjoy her Nymphomaniac life at “Nymphomaniac VOL2”.


Directed by Jannicke Systad Jacobsen


This movie begins with the outrageous act of the heroine Alma from the opening.
Is she real 15 years old? It’s an amazing libido, but that might be a prejudice.
I often hear stories of adolescent boys who do not want to have sex and do not have anything to do with something, but stories about erotic girls like this are rare.
However, this ridiculous story does not become vulgar. On the contrary finished it into a stylish and trendy youth story at the very last.
Something got a disturbing air on the way, I couldn’t read ahead at all, but I see!
It was a youth movie with a cute and somewhat nice feeling.

The Beguiled

Directed by Sofia Coppola


The ripples of one drop falling on the smooth surface of the water gradually reveal the darkness of the their innocence.
A soldier of the enemy army suddenly broke into the female students dormitory who were running perfectly in a serene world. From a girl to an adult woman, the desire are exposed, and it turns into madness by meeting him.
The quiet acting that does not give their facial expressions desperately suppress emotions is delicate and beautiful, it is full of elegant images like paintings, but only the darkness of the woman and the cunning and stupidity of a man show off.
What is this ending to just repeat jealousy, betrayal and lust?
Elle Fanning, who still remains childlike looking looks devilish woman.

Lazy Hazy Crazy

Hong Kong(2015)
Directed by LUK Yee-sum


The opening was imagining a like fluffy Shunji Iwai world, but unexpectedly there are many nudity and SEX scenes.
To the boldness of the young girls, this make me pounding heart. I think, I packed my memories of youth in pretty capsules and made them all sparkly, but actually girlhood is arrogant, greed and cruel.
When it comes to a teenager’s year, too much energy from the inside can’t diverge and you may want to shout in a closed world.
For example, have first crush love, best friend makes another best friend, or to be stolen a loved one…
Even though there are many happenning , at the end of story, they smile brightly as if nothing had happened.
It was a so shocking film, but the extremism that overturned the image of schoolgirls with that a man longs for was a movie full of energy.

The diary of a Teenage Girl

Directed by Marielle Heller


I thought it was just a delusion story of puberty, but the heroine Minnie was too sexual monster than I image.
It’s shocking because it’s mom’s boyfriend that minnie who wants to throw away virgin chose for the first SEX opponent.
Anyway, the unloving sex between a middle-aged man and Minnie is unsightly, and wanna say “What the hell are you showing ?” and I becameing anxiousy.
Well, she is still teen. Sometimes she is taught by hurting herself and her important person.
By the way, the pop art world Minnie draws in movies is so cute that the depressed art of her time when she was virgin and Minnie’s art after having experienced so many things and becoming a little mature may changes.
Deployment is speedy and intense content, but I was relieved to have a refreshing ending somehow.

This time, Mamiko Kikuchi picked up a movie with the theme of “Girls Awakening to Sex”.



Mamiko KikuchiSuspense films played by beauties.

Suspense and Eros are basically very compatible.
Because there are so many things that affections are involved in these incidents.
I like to look into the actual case associated with love.
I’m curious about how the emotion of the culprit was born and why the impulse was born in.
But as I look up after all, I’m feeling disgusting and depressed little by little .
However, the film creators dramatize screenplay well such incidents in moderation and satisfy them with a quick gimmicks.
In all of the works introduced here, beautiful women are deeply involved in the story, and that makes the work more shiny.
“Ordinary love stories are boring. I want some exciting works once in a while!”
If you think so, I want you to watch these 5 films.

Dressed to Kill

Directed by Brian De Palma


A woman who confided to a counselor that she was not excited anymore with her husband, was subsequently killed by someone I met at the museum.
It’s like a hitchcock’s “psycho.” But the Brian De Palma makes even such a splatter scene erotic and stylish.
The highlights of this film is excellent camera work, not plot.
Many of the erotic suspense sometimes have a lot of nude scenes that you don’t need, but this film shows nude scenes without waste technical, and even splashes of blood splashes change like art.

Killing Me Softly

Directed by Chén Kǎigē


Everyday of my life is no different from usual.
But someone must be waiting for me.
For me looking for something that way, I found his eyes at that time were enough to fall in love.
Satin string tied around the neck is a proof of trust.
At his will, the roots of my breath are stopped.
It is a world of lust.
This is the first erotic suspense film of Chén Kǎigē who is Chinese director.
I don’t know what fate love is, but l think the existence that changes myself so much might cannot live with for a long time.

L’Amant double

Directed by François Ozon


something in me that splits…
In the face-to-face psychiatric room, counseling of Chloe who keeps talking provocatively, and the reticent Paul who keeps listening to it silently seems like lofty sex.
Mental sex and psychological sex.
The two desires can’t come together well, and Chloe, struggling with the relationship between the twin Paul and Louis, Suffered from hallucinations.
This’film features an impressive scene that uses a lot of mirror scenes in subliminal style, and features European and sophisticated images.
The first half is a mystery, and the second half is a psychological mystery that combines completely different impressions from horror.
In this film, I recommend melts your heart by the beauty of Marine Vacth who drifts a unique sex appeal than last of the impact that can solve all mysteries.


Directed by Atom Egoyan


Doubting about her husband’s cheating, the wife hires a beautiful young prostitute and hangs a trap on her husband.
Touching that beautiful lip that is mixed with poison still can’t find the true love you are looking for.
emptiness and relief come to mind at the same time.
This film based on the French film “Nathalie…”.
Amanda Seyfried plays the femme fatale in this Hollywood version film.
Julianne Moore plays the role of his wife, and Amanda Sefrid plays the prostitute Chloe. It is the highlight of this film that each other’s desires become uncontrollable, bewitching, beautifully and deeply.
The Amanda Sefrid sometimes showed two faces of an innocent look like a girl and a bewitching villain, and it was a acting that draws in with overwhelming presence.

Black Coal

Directed by Diao Yinan


The form of love of this story is too cruel depicted.
This film is a melancholy and film noir conscious, perfect for watching on a rainy day.
It is a distinct film that offers both bloody grotesque and sophisticated visual beauty.
Murder in a labyrinth.
The wife of the victim with transient beauty, and a former detective fascinated by her,.
Unlike the depressed content, the vivid neon of amusement park seems to represent the absurdity drifting in rural towns.
The feelings of men and women that can’t be tricky overshadow the outline of suspense. It might as well watching this as a melodrama. Just like a firecracker, the last scene that could play faintly show the life of a man and a woman who could only live clumsily.

This time, Mamiko Kikuchi, a selection of five suspense films.
An ordinary love story is boring. If you want stimulation once in a while, why not try it?



Mamiko KikuchiThe story of the other side of love

Countless love stories are born every day in movies.
I don’t dislike ordinary love stories either, but I’m more concerned about the other side of love stories.
In the five stories I’m going to introduce from now, ones that show craziness from the beginning, and others that became abnormal love before they noticed them.
Even if humans look decent, there is a possibility that anyone can become a pervert. Sometimes a side that I didn’t know appears because loving too much. That’s why love is a monster.


Directed by Kim Ki-du


Hangi, a thug man, fell in love with a college student Sona at first sight and fell in love.
This is a story of the cruel love of a man who can only be involved by submerging his beloved woman into the world he lives in.
I don’t understand that love that can only be conveyed by tattering and hurting the other person. There’s no way I can understand something like this.
A woman standing at a dead end has no choice but to hate or love the man drives her in.
From the standpoint of a woman, it’s really a crazy story until the end, but I wonder how many people might understand this somehow? I’m very interested in it.

Blue Velvet

Directed by David Lynch


An ear cut out in a strange vacant lot.
It’s a gateway to another world that’s too deep for young adolescents.
True love was hidden in the love triangle that began to move imperceptibly, and each was looking for something else to replace, and emptiness was floating.
Unique, racy, and erotic.
While giving a moderate sense of disgust, it grabs the audience with a strong impression of images and music that draws them in and does not let go.
It is a truly unique work that leaves an impression that all the balance is exquisitely combined and sticks to the viewer’s memory.
Maybe it takes a while to wake up from such a deep mysterious world?

The skin I Live in

Directed by Pedro Almodóvar


This is an amazing movie full of immoral and insanity.
He is betrayed by his beloved wife, rejected by his daughter, and lost them at last. The madness to fill this cruel sense of loss keeps Robert alive.
But no matter how much it looks like the face of a loved one, the essence of the soul cannot be remodeled.
If you interpret this as a perverted movie full of fetishism by a mad scientist, this is definitely a disgusting movie,
Actually, it gives meaning to the crazy love with a solid mystery suspense plot.
The wrong form of love only leaves emptiness.
Even so, people foolishly want to drown in abnormal love.

Nocturnal Animals

Directed by Tom Ford


A work with a sense of tension that fuels a sense of anxiety even in a quiet state. Anyway, I had the impression that it was a cinematic story, with attention to detail in both visual beauty and plot.
Suddenly, the world of the novel sent by her ex-husband Edward entered the perfect bourgeois life of Susan, and I, along with Susan, was drawn into the deep world of Edward and entered the story.
Is it love? Is it revenge? I felt that this is a strong revenge from Edward to Susan, which seems to be enough to remain for a lifetime.
On the other side of love, it is possible that there will be only hatred, not love.

Birds she doesn’t know their names

Directed by Kazuya Shiraishi


This is a story of the other side of love with an ugly, vile man and a disgusting woman.
Everyone has a vulgar other face, and that side of face does not hesitate to hurt people.
It depicts a lot of disgusting duality of humans that I don’t want to know, but I have to know. Even though it’s the ultimate love story, there’s a lot of cruelty scenes until the end that makes me want to run away.
What is particularly impressive in this movie is their eating scene. The yakiniku scene was pretty scary.
It’s looks an normal scene if I cut it out, but when I watched this movie, I was convinced that the they are not normal after all.

mamiko kikuchi, who has been with us since vol.21.This time, we will introduce five films from the “Love that has gone too far” series.



Mamiko KikuchiMovies set in Vietnam

I like Vietnam the number one in Southeast Asia.
I’m not very familiar with Vietnam, but the beauty mixed with European culture, which has remnants of when it was a French territory, is a unique attraction not found in other Southeast Asian countries.
Of course, we must also recognize the sadness and pain that Vietnam has carried in the past. However, Vietnamese people keep such a past in the back of their hearts and live energetically and vividly.
Vietnam is irresistibly attractive for both the country and the people.
This time, I would like to introduce three movies filled with the climate, culture, and history of Vietnam that I like.
Each movie has nothing in common, but the heroines are all very attractive.
I want you to enjoy the charming heroine’s performance along with the beautiful Vietnamese scenery.

The Scent of Green Papaya

Directed by Tran Anh Hung


This is probably the first Vietnamese movie I met in my life.
I still remember being excited with the fresh and vivid footages that is not found in Japanese movies, European movies, and of course Hollywood movies.
The heroine girl Mui was always sweating in front of the camera that seemed to touch the heroine’s skin right away.
The mansion is surrounded by the stuffy Vietnamese heat and lush papaya trees.
In such a mansion, Mui goes from a girl to an woman.
This movie stare carefully and carefully how the love affair that sprouted in gradually changes to real love.
It’s not like a big incident is going to happen. However, I’m sure it’s thanks to the fresh footage created by the director that you can feel happy just watching it.

The Lover

Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud


I’m surprised that there are many people who recognize this movie as a sensual movie.
Since there are erotic scenes, it is unavoidable to think so, but since I think this movie is a superb love story, It’s a bit sad there are times when this movie is not evaluated as a pure love story.
Even though heroine girl looks down on the Chinese man who is her mistress in a discriminatory manner, she loves each other physically. And she realized that she truly loved him after she broke up with him.
The emotion is vivid only because it was the actual experience of the original author, Marguerite Duras, and it is sad because we can see that she is still trapped by herself when she was 15 years old, with regret in her heart.
I still can’t forget the chaotic and beautiful cityscape of French Indochina in 1920, which is the setting of this story, and the bustle of the streets of Saigon where the two have a secret meeting.

The third wife

Directed by Ash Mayfair


The pure flow of water in the river, the singing of birds echoing in the valley, the smelling incense, and the beautiful and vivid silk Ao Dai.
The footages of their calm days surrounded by them are like a hidden paradise , and they are fascinated, but this is a dark story of Vietnamese society hidden in such beauty of Vietnam.
If it’s a bird in a cage, is it a woman’s happiness if it’s trapped in a cage that’s as luxurious as possible?
Even though everything is full of contradictions, women adapt to life in this bird cage as if they were satisfied.
What kind of future do you see in a world where you can’t live your own way?
This movie that strongly appeals to the difficulty of living in Vietnamese male society while quietly depicting the awakening of a girl’s ego in a world where everything is closed while contradictions are left unattended.

With the timing of many people going on overseas trips, mamiko kikuchi introduces five “movies set in Vietnam” in this issue.




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