Ryu Tamagawa



Model: Yuan(BELLONA)

Summer Madness
When Yuan, a model that I think is at the personal world level, and Ryu Tamagawa, a photographer, meet this kind of work.
A must-read for those reading the English version
Eloïse Labarbe-Lafon
In her dreams
Eloïse Labarbe-Lafon is a 24 years old artist and photographer living in Paris. She creates unique photos through an alliance that takes us into a dreamlike work. A poetic search through the transformation of mediums.
Suzuna Tajima



Yesterday’s sword and today’s cat
There is momentum. I wonder if I can see any missing place, or understand the difference between what I want to shoot and what I want to show. How can the High School student take those pictures?
Takayuki Kozuka



Model Shihono Ito

Mata Girl2
Takayuki Kozuka newly shot “Mata Girl” serialized on Kodansha Friday for Tokyo Analog. Naming is the best.
Suzume Uchida x Ayako Noguchi


Suzume Uchida : Instagram.com/suzume_uchida/


Ayako Noguchi : Twitter.com/ayako_nog

I’ll drag you out
Painting by Suzume Uchida, a collaborator with Yohji Yamamoto
An awesome collaborative song by ayako Noguchi who recently debuted as a writer
satoshi miyazawa



model : momoko kawazu

hair and makeup : shunsuke nakamura

satoshi miyazawa took a dull expression with wet vinyl and clear water as a layer. What does the halated part represent?
Michou.& Kenshu Sannohe
Rock and funky hair make-up Michou. works with Kenshu to shoot.
Japanese dance group “Joshi”
A group of girls dancing based in Kyoto. This is a video taken down.
It is a work that spreads the possibility of the participation of dancing children.
Goro Ishimori




Goro Ishimaru who appeared in “Tokyo Lovers” in vol.4.
It is a work that feels a story from paper wrinkles and blurs.
Yuvi Kawano



model :Tsukasa Tanimoto, Yuvi Kawano

Peaceful Thursday
Yuvi Kawano, a lingerie designer.
A peaceful personal photo I took at the end of my life in London.
Hironori Iwakoshi



model :Me

Skin & Bones
Hironori Iwakoshi is releasing a black-and-white snapshot on Instagram.
This time they participated in the story of a shadowed woman.

This time, I will introduce a documentary movie.
There are sometimes boring movies, but I chose movies that became more curious as I watched it.

CRAZY HORSE /Frederick Wiseman


A movie closely linked to the cabaret crazy horse in Paris. Women who dance nudity on stage can be called “eroticism” rather than “erotic”. In a spaceship-like thing wearing a transparent helmet and dancing like a weightless space, a production that reflects the beauty of the body line using mirror reflection, a show using the perspective of shadows using lighting Is impressive. Furthermore, it is expressed more delicately by adding production and choreography to the tip of Philippe Dufkure. Art director Ali Mahudabi said, “Women can enjoy more than men when they enjoy eroticism.”
Certainly, this show was far from the nudity consumed for men, and was an exploration of “beauty of women”.
This narration-free work made me feel like I was in.
I think it was so hard to make a story without explanation.

Bill Cunningham, New York /Richard Press


A documentary about the private life and work of Bill Cunningham, a photographer who has been snapping street fashion in NY for over 50 years. In this film, which was finally taken after negotiating with him for eight years who did not reveal his private life for a long time.
It shows the film room for film storage, why he began to shoot only the street, and why he is loved.I like the scene of celebrating my birthday at the company.



A story about the production of the legendary unfinished SF movie “DUNE” that I could enjoy even if I was not familiar with SF movies. Thick storyboards made by Jodorowsky, who was scheduled for a 12-hour screening, were brought to various studios in Hollywood, and featured sci-fi movies such as “Star Wars”, “Terminator” and “Contact”, including composition, motifs, settings and ideas Had a great influence.
More than anything, the approach to the world of a person called Jodorowsky is magnificent and so
Sensitive. When you see them, you will be naturally attracted to him.

Mur murs /Agnes Varda


The story of street art in the wall in Los Angeles. Agnes like to walk, and the film was created because the painting on the wall represents a voice of racism and poverty by immigrants that are not featured in the media or art industry.
Agnes Varda is often engaged in all kinds of work, but she suffered from status and poverty because she was a feminist and she was separated from her husband Jacques Demy and had debt. It is expressed that it was out.
There are tragic facts, but I felt they have a realization that they are part of society and also they have huge energy.

Visages Villages /Agnes Varda


A movie released in Japan shortly before the death of Agnes Varda. Along with the photographer JR, it is necessary to “do not plan” the French countryside.
In a project called ”Inside Out” (JR’s participatory art project to post large portraits of people living in various places), Agnes and JR were take photos of people who various people they meet everywhere they go (people who have been raised without taking the horns of goat , postmen who met by chance etc…) and they print them large, and paste them on containers, houses, city walls, rocks.
You can see the fun of printing a message on a person’s face and sticking it to a message to society. The sea scene of Guy Bultan is the most impressive. I can’t describe Godard’s scene!

Cu-bop across the border /Shinichi Takahashi


A work that followed two Cuban musicians, saxophone player Cesar Lopez and pianist Axel Tosca. Lopez continues to work in Cuba and Tosca across New York. Why is jazz from the US is so popular in Cuba, an enemy country? It reflects its special cultural background. This film, filmed by director Takahashi, fighting Axel over and over again, is a rare degree of closely in a musician’s documentary film.
Above all, music is the best. If you were interested, google Cesar Lopez and Axel Tosca !



HARUKA is a female college student from the Department of Imaging who was introduced following vol.9.
This time, 6 documentary films are introduced.

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