Yoshikazu Aizawa



model :Aya Kitai

Wandering jellyfish -First part-
Summer sweet and sour memories with one Aya Kisaki who Yoshikazu Aizawa has been shooting all the time. The relationship between him and her is very good. His photo is amazing. This is a long story, this time the first part and the next part will be the second part.
Yasumasa Yonehara




model : HIMAWARI UNAGI (p2/p7/p8/p9/p10/p11/p12)

Yasumasa Yonehara, who held a photo exhibition in December last year, is the first of the new year. There is always a happy vibe in erotic and always entertaining. Surely his personality.
Tetsushi Tsuruki



model : 柏崎絵美子

Booty Girl versus Hagibis#19
A typhoon came shortly after I offered to Tetsushi Tsuruki. Tetsushi Tsuruki wants to shoot asexually when a typhoon comes. Regardless of whether it is dangerous or unscrupulous, in such weather the model is usually shy, but Emiko Kashiwazaki doesn’t know anything scary. Two people have power.
Shuhei Kurashima



model :Emi Kasahara

unguarded moment
I want to see. I don’t want to be seen. This kind of sensation is transformed into a picture that looks well everyday: Shuhei Kurashima’s seasoned sloppyness makes the picture more interesting



model : ALICE

hair make : IKENAGA

KENSHU SANNOHE has been shooting nude since he was a student.
This time, Alice Saito was shot between nude and portrait.
Mamiko Kikuchi

Beautiful and gentle mysterious triangle relationship
There are a lot of films about homosexuality, but I like some of the stories of friendships between gay men and women.
Just as you need a best friend who can talk about anything, even a gay man whose feelings are close to a girl should need a girl friend.
The kind of existence that heals the wound of their heart which lives delicately sometimes like a lover, and sometimes like a mother should be thankful above all.
The appearance of such women also beautiful, and I always admire them.
This time I introduce all of my favorite film works that shine in the appearance of such women.

Laurence Anyways

directed by Xavier Dolan


The love story of the two, in which everything in the world shines in pastel colors like theirs, came to an end suddenly with Lolans’ cumming out.
It’s not equal to wanting to have sex with a man or want to be a woman.
The soul mate of a man who wants to be a woman is not always a man
When we first met, I thought something special was going to happen.
The two of us have always wanted to be together.
A unique form of love that respects each other and is irreplaceable.
Even if theirsheart broken, I saw a ridiculous depth of love that they wanted to respect the other person.
If continue to love loved ones, their spirit will collapse, but if can’t meet , it will collapse.
It is a love story that cannot be solved by a simple equation.
It’s a long, long film, and it’s painful, but I really wanted to keep watching.
I’ve always wanted Fred and Lolance to keep going their story.

A Single Man

directed by Tom Ford


This is the first work by Tom Ford, a master of fashion.
Art works that stick to beautiful images and situations that can only be created by creators with an aesthetic that has no chance to cut in.
This film is about a long day of the university professor who decided to die in order to be liberated from the sadness which lost the lover.
From the time they are conscious of death, people sometimes feel the casual sights of everyday life and the hearts of those involved in them beautifully.
A sense of loss, guilt, and regret for life.
The only warmth of this story was the inclusive presence of the female friend Charlie, played by Julianne Moore, that stood out there.
It was painful to be unable to heal George, who was hurt and could not go back, with his own presence.
I’m sure Charlie still loves him.

Sinbad of the seashore

directed by Ryosuki Hashiguchi


He thinks of me as just a friend, and he’s a pretty transfer student who looks at me lovingly.
It’s so much fun and happy to be with him, so I feel like I can keep this friendship up.
I’m fidgety, and I don’t want to be disliked, so just pretend to be my friend.
A sense of blockage filled with the suffering of adolescent gay boy.
It was that girl he loved that helped me when I was about to break down if I had to tell her all my feelings.
The girl who understood me the most though it thought that it was a rival of love which was not able to be defeated at all.
The sight of a boy in a white dress borrowed from a girl at the beach at dusk is like a wedding bride, and I felt saved by that.

Breakfast on Pluto

directed by Neil Jordan


It is supposed to be a story of tragedies, but this is a work that happy-minded and lovely heroine make us feel happy.
A long trip to find the mother of an orphan Patrick (Patty) who lives in the Irish countryside exclusive to transsexual issues.
There were a few men I loved, but that thought was never filled
Even if happiness reaches out, it always slips out. Even so, She doesn’t give up, and her strength moves our mind.
Patty’s reliable positive power envelops best friend Charlie, and the two begin a strange family relationship.
The secret love that Charlie portrayed when she was a girl will change deep friendship and shape. As she say that it is a life welcome full of turbulent, I am already defeated as a woman in the figure of Patty who walks happily waving her hip.

The way he looks

directed by Daniel Ribeiro


The smell, the touch, the voice, and the thing that can be felt by the sense might actually be more accurate than seeing with the eyes.
Giovanna and Leo are childhood friends of men and women who are tied together in a deep bond.
To become a romantic relationship, they were too close to each other, and i never thought they would be separated from being like a single-minded body.
“Jealousy” of immature boys and girls is very complex.
Gabriel,” an over-attractive transfer student who appeared between the two, shakes the relationship between Giovanna and Leo, without knowing whether it’s love or as a friend.
I want to have a kind kiss with someone someday.
I want to taste the bitterness of love in front of me.
The story of the bitter triangle relationship that makes you notice the important thing which should not be lost while showing the feelings that such an adolescent boy and girl have politely.



Beautiful and gentle mysterious triangle relationship
Mamiko Kikuchi appeared since vol.8.
She wrote five carefully selected reviews from his own perspective.
chizuru maeda



model : kazune momoi

hair+make : ayumi imaeda

Chizuru maeda taking a look at the point.
Melancholy gaze, meek gaze, gaze looking far away. A work that expresses sexuality with various gazes.



Chizuru maeda taking a look at the point.
Melancholy gaze, meek gaze, gaze looking far away. A work that expresses sexuality with various gazes.
Hiroki Kato



model : meguro

Quietness in The Morning
Hiroki Kato was photographed in a busy city in the soft light of the early morning, which can be said only.
It is a temporary silence in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and expresses a time zone that tends to be a little annoying.
Nao Tokiwa




Dawn of paradise
The sixth short story of Nao Tokiwa

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