Between the movies

I picked some of the works that I would like to hear what the people who have seen them think. I’d like to talk about these movies together and find out any new interpretations, or just sympathize with and say “That part of that scene was good!!”, like that. These are the movies that create communication.



directed by:Maiko Endo

As the director says, “the story of a girl who was carried off from the moon by the power of mystery and came to the earth,” it contains many mysteries. However, the movie is attractive and you will get drawn in, the expressions of the mystery could be possibily spread and it is different from other obsecure movies. The Images that are a fusion of the West and the East, taken with a hand-held camera in India, and cuts like a picture taken in Denmark are contrasted and fused in the work. The music was breathing and breathing air as it went out of vacuum for the first time.



directed by:Edo Bertoglio

It shows Jean Michel Basquiat himself was wandered the downtown in New York and a lot of things happened one after another like a documentary. There are the scenes of meeting a beautiful woman, studio performance of the rock band D.N.A with a psychotic sound is played, and a scene of a fashion show in a stopped-by club.



directed by Ernst Ingmar Bergman

This is the story of Elisabeth, the stage actress who has become aphasia, and Alma, the nurse in charge of Elisabeth. Persona means a mask in Latin. The woman’s outside face and her true herself collide is reflected like a play through two women.
Art has a sort of mirror effect, which can be rediscovered, updated thinking, and interacted by one’s self. I think that the object and the object in the mirror were taking by the third visual point (camera) is expressing what exactly movie is. I am also fascinated by the beauty of black and white contrast in every scene.



Like Grains of Sand

directed by Ryosuke Hashiguchi

This is a story about three high school students in one summer, a girl named Aihara who had been raped in past, a gay boy named Ito, and another boy named Yoshida is concerned about the girl but the gay boy liked him. The countryside’ peaceful air , the summer’s dampness and the clumsy high school students, they all just make me feel cosy.The last seaside scene makes me feel heartbreaking and emotional.



directed by Asagi Kimura

This is the movie that has a dialogue with the body. People tell lies, they have their own ouside faces, they care about what others see and what others think so it looks like they wear the scale of fish. However, it’s not like we are disguising, I think we are protecting the scale ourselves. This work that tries to express the director himself by slowly turning off the scale and peeling it off. Here we are facing each other without denying it. I thought that the prudence might be necessary in present age.