Mamiko Kikuchi

The story of girls awaking to sex

There is a range of times of awakening of the erotic impulse of girl.
Some girl awake in elementary school, and the other do not awake up at all even when they become a high school student.
For example, even if you fall in love with someone, most often dream of platonic romance, such as a girl comic or a drama.
So almost never a girl imagines sex from the beginning against that target.
That’s why the awakening of sex begins completely different from the first love or the presence of the opposite sex a strange sensation.
The girls in these movies are also struggling with the “libido” that grew up unknowingly, crying, suffering, and having fun.
They looks lovely, it may be because they live honestly for themselves.

Mamiko Kikuchi


Directed by Lars von Trier

The heroine of this movie yearned to have sex with many kind of men, while fully understanding her values of her beauty from childhood to adolescence.
sometimes she makes sex a game with a friend.
The woman called herself an “Nymphomaniac”.

The old man who seems to be erudite listens to the past Nymphomaniac life of a woman who met by chance. The conversation between the two goes quite deep, but it is comedic they are not on the same page. And surreal is the good thing about this movie.
This work has less metamorphosis like VOL.2. Instead, I recommend Stacy Martin, who acted a teenager’s heroine, because it’s really cute.
This next movie can enjoy her Nymphomaniac life at “Nymphomaniac VOL2”.

Mamiko Kikuchi


Directed by Jannicke Systad Jacobsen

This movie begins with the outrageous act of the heroine Alma from the opening.
Is she real 15 years old? It’s an amazing libido, but that might be a prejudice.
I often hear stories of adolescent boys who do not want to have sex and do not have anything to do with something, but stories about erotic girls like this are rare.
However, this ridiculous story does not become vulgar. On the contrary finished it into a stylish and trendy youth story at the very last.
Something got a disturbing air on the way, I couldn’t read ahead at all, but I see!
It was a youth movie with a cute and somewhat nice feeling.

Mamiko Kikuchi

The Beguiled

Directed by Sofia Coppola

The ripples of one drop falling on the smooth surface of the water gradually reveal the darkness of the their innocence.
A soldier of the enemy army suddenly broke into the female students dormitory who were running perfectly in a serene world. From a girl to an adult woman, the desire are exposed, and it turns into madness by meeting him.
The quiet acting that does not give their facial expressions desperately suppress emotions is delicate and beautiful, it is full of elegant images like paintings, but only the darkness of the woman and the cunning and stupidity of a man show off.
What is this ending to just repeat jealousy, betrayal and lust?
Elle Fanning, who still remains childlike looking looks devilish woman.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Lazy Hazy Crazy

Hong Kong(2015)
Directed by LUK Yee-sum

The opening was imagining a like fluffy Shunji Iwai world, but unexpectedly there are many nudity and SEX scenes.
To the boldness of the young girls, this make me pounding heart. I think, I packed my memories of youth in pretty capsules and made them all sparkly, but actually girlhood is arrogant, greed and cruel.
When it comes to a teenager’s year, too much energy from the inside can’t diverge and you may want to shout in a closed world.
For example, have first crush love, best friend makes another best friend, or to be stolen a loved one…
Even though there are many happenning , at the end of story, they smile brightly as if nothing had happened.
It was a so shocking film, but the extremism that overturned the image of schoolgirls with that a man longs for was a movie full of energy.

Mamiko Kikuchi

The diary of a Teenage Girl

Directed by Marielle Heller

I thought it was just a delusion story of puberty, but the heroine Minnie was too sexual monster than I image.
It’s shocking because it’s mom’s boyfriend that minnie who wants to throw away virgin chose for the first SEX opponent.
Anyway, the unloving sex between a middle-aged man and Minnie is unsightly, and wanna say “What the hell are you showing ?” and I becameing anxiousy.
Well, she is still teen. Sometimes she is taught by hurting herself and her important person.
By the way, the pop art world Minnie draws in movies is so cute that the depressed art of her time when she was virgin and Minnie’s art after having experienced so many things and becoming a little mature may changes.
Deployment is speedy and intense content, but I was relieved to have a refreshing ending somehow.