Mamiko Kikuchi

About borderless love story

What is the border of love?
I don’t know when and how the border of Love was decided.
If you whisk away all that distinction between your sex, the earth person, the animal or the fish, everything in this universe might be dear.
Let’s take a step forward. The public eye and common sense are bastards!

Mamiko Kikuchi

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

directed by John Cameron Mitchell

I took a little stroll in the middle of the night and wandered into the strange party in a big mansion where I had never seen.
Maybe a cult religion?
I’d run away to skedaddle if I always, but what if there’s a transcendence pretty girl in there?
Even if it is vomited at the time of the first kiss, strange sex negotiation does not care.
It is because the other party is her that I can love like this.
Even in love for only 48 hours, because their love was so pure and sweet, I was very envied.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Call Me By Your Name

directed by Luca Guadagnino

When falling in love with someone, the deep part of the body may be bloodshot before the heart.
[I’m you. you’re me.]
If we must separate someday ,I want to become existence together rather.
There must be no waste in the breaking of such a thought, and the moment when all the people grow up.
The love of destiny sometimes is not connected, and it is possible to be connected even if it is not love of the fate oppositely.
The world manages to turn around though such some inconsolable feelings are burying in the bottom of water and the bottom of the soil.

Mamiko Kikuchi

The Brand New Testament

directed by Jaco Van Dormael

I might be scolded if I said such a thing, but the god of the Bible is quite moral harassment.
This is a story about the played of God who has always tormented us from the perspective of heaven.
If you are bound by the crappy common sense of the world and you are trapped in your true self, watch this movie.
Might be a little sympathetic to the appearance of a housewife in love with a gorilla!
If you imagine that tomorrow the world will be gone, you will have a new form of love that you didn’t know, and you might love yourself more than you do now.

Mamiko Kikuchi

The Shape of Water

directed by Guillermo del Toro

It is the life which repeats the usual routine ruled by the frame decided in the society waking at the same time every day.
I have only a few good friends. I’m happy because everyone is kind to me, but my heart is always very lonely.
In front of me, an ugly and attractive creature appeared. He is the first person to watch me straight.
【From that day on, he became my God.】
This is a grotesque work of Guillermo del Toro, but a beautiful mysterious fairy tale.
I don’t wanna mind other people’s eyes .
I just would like to melt into the sea ,and feel free to drift into the bubbles of water without thinking anything.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Edward Scissorhands

directed by Tim Burton

You must not hug someone you love.
Have you ever experienced such a painful feeling?
An artificial man with a scissors hand just fell in love with a beautiful girl.
The truth is easily twisted by someone’s vanity and jealousy, and pure existence cannot even raise a voice.
The modern version “Beauty and the Beast” is a satire on the appearance of foolish men who were desperate to exclude the irregular shape, and it becomes sad only by recalling because it is a little cruel and is unrelenting.