Mamiko Kikuchi

Kimono Erotic Films

One thing I think I’m glad to be Japanese is kimono.
Modern kimono that I rarely wear only at special times, but my grandmother loved kimono so much, and the kimono was always familiar.
When I was a girl, let’s talk about memory when I went to a crop shop with my grandmother.
Probably a woman who did not know with clear white skin about the late 20s witnessed the place where she just finished trying on a kimono. She took off the embroidery band dashing and became one piece of underwear in a moment.
The moment was so glossy and sexy, and the heart pounding did not stop even though I was still a young girl.
If I was a man, or if I was a lesbian, I must have pursued the face of the kimono beauty even now because of the afterimage of that time.
The face of that woman was completely forgotten, but because of her beautiful back appearance, I still feel erotic in kimono.
This time, Japanese movies of the gem of the appearance of kimono beauties that I have longed for since ancient times.
Please enjoy the beauty of Japan as you look at Japanese literature and beautiful actresses who add aromatic color to the creativity of masters.

Mamiko Kikuchi


directed by Kaneto Shindoi

A beautiful but sensual work based on the diary of Kafu Nagai, a literary writer who knows about Japanese customs.
Sexual intercourse with a courtesan in geisha house with a shoji background. Yuki Sumida, an actress who embodies the beauty of Japanese women, such as white and transparent, is Burned in my mind.
He seduce a woman at the Cafe and enjoy his favorite geisha.

But at home, he puts rice in a cup by himself. This loneliness of one, the passion to seek the body of women, his desire to run his pen.
The old grief that the cravings of art at the same time as the cravings of carnal decline is a wall where everyone collides.
Sad art and desire are one by one.
His consistent way of life, who loves loneliness, afraid to have a family. However his death is so dignified.
Masahiko Tsugawa was perfectly fitted with the role of Kafu Nagai.
It was so perfect that this film didn’t become just a sensual movie.
Yuki Sumida’s transparent skin embodies all the beauty of Japanese women.
By all means, the best kimono erotic work that I want to recommend to many overseas people.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Laughing IEMON

directed by Yukio Ninagawa

Loving and loving, I finally became like a curse spirit.
I can’t make you happy,
I’m gruesome.
Our two souls that are too pure do not fit well in this world full of doubts and jealousy.
Despite being attracted, if I open my mouth, I utter a vulgar word.
How many more reborn will they be connected with love?

I’m not afraid to die many times to be connected with my dear.
If you go crazy, I just need to go crazy together.
Filled with hatred, scary Yotsuya Ghost story, author Natsuhiko Kyogoku gave a bold interpretation, and also directed Yukio Ninagawa as a lovestory.
OIWA, who had not been embraced by a man once, she met Iemon, to know the joy of the woman for the first time, and knew love. I still remember that scene clealy because that was so elothic.
Again and again in the mortal world, leaving the world with a resentment can not be fused to the world, Even if it is a tragedy, I want say this is happy ending, because the appearance of two people who fit in a coffin looks happy.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Beauty and sorrow

directed by Masahiro Shinoda

He thinks of me as just a friend, and he’s a pretty transfer student who looks at me lovingly.
It’s so much fun and happy to be with him, so I feel like I can keep this friendship up.

Kaoru Yachigusa who died last year was starred this film in her mid-30s. This work of the author Yasunari Kawabata.
No way, I was surprised that there was a past that played such a mysterious love scene of Yachigusa.
In this movie, Mariko Kaga who acted Keiko attacked Otoko’s sleeping.
Longing for her(Yachigusa), changed into love. And she bite Otoko’s ear driven by the jealousy of the her past (Kaoru Yachigusa) that can not be forgotten.

Otoko frown the eyebrows and twist the body.
“I bited like it become hurts.”
Says Keiko. The love scene was so elegant, love scene between such beautiful women is now, I can not meet in Japan so often.

The beauty of Kyoto’s karesansui garden where Otoko lives, and a Japanese-style room with a veranda like a temple overlooking it, and a kimono placed in the darkness is already a national treasure level.
The last tragedy suggests that these beauties will cease to be eternal.
Even when I close my eyes, the beautiful Keiko’s plenty of eyelashes left behind a lingering finish.

Mamiko Kikuchi


directed by Shinya Tsukamoto

The world of Edogawa Ranpo is always in the world of eroglo.
And the world of film director Shinya Tsukamoto always has an abnormal scent.
I watched this film a long time ago, but this creepy and strange world is not quite like other Japanese movies.

A desperate story full of sorrow and hatred, but for some reason fascinates My heart. Perhaps the reason is the avant-garde visuals of this character.

Masahiro Motoki and RYO who acted in this film with shaved eyebrows and cut cat-like eyes.
Despite being human, it seemed creepy something that I don’t think is a thing of the world.
Although I listed as a kimono erotic work, the most beautiful thing in this film is the scene where Rin goes water in naked.
I overlapped the afterimage of that kimono beauty that I loved when I was a girl in love with a beautiful silhouette of phosphorus naked in a beautiful hourglass.
Beautiful her body is piled over and over with thick Kimomo fabric, obscuring even the intrigue of her.
Such a kimono inspire the beauty of Japan even more.

Mamiko Kikuchi


directed by Seijun Suzuki

Ridiculy gorgeous and beautiful, this is the second work of the Romantic trilogy directed by master Seijun Suzuki.
It is also the first piece to know that the combination of kimono and sex scene was artistic.

The woman of the mysterious “winter cherry”. She is a woman with kimono who slips through between her fingers when she chases or chases.
Apparently, “winter cherry” seems to be the soul of a woman.

If you put “winter cherry” on the mischief to another man, the man and the woman are destined to be unable to leave.
The appearance of a woman became uncertain after the fellowship of love or illusion of a dream.
A man becomes like a shadow as she pursues a woman inheartedly.
A woman of fate always suddenly disappears from the front of a man.

Popping out of the lustrous woman’s lips “fruit of the winter cherry” is wet with gloss, it was made to feel that it is being shown something that should not be seen somehow.