Mamiko Kikuchi

Femme Fatales in the movie

“Femme Fatale” means a woman of destiny or a woman with charm to destroy a man’s destiny.
What a charm that can destroy someone’s destiny?
I want to know the dangerous charm of Femme Fatale secretly.

伊藤麻実子 | Mamiko Ito

The Hairdresser’s Husband

directed by Patrice Leconte

This movie is a story about Femme Fatale in the sense of woman of destiny.
Most of men think that they want to live like a pimp at least once, right?
This is a story of a man who had realized such a childhood dream in a form like a lie.
The mysterious beauty of Anna Galiena was like a goddess, and because of the pheromone that she emits through the screen, I felt as if I was watching fairy tale.
In short, this is a story of a man who easily realized the dream of an adolescent boy who wanted to send beautiful ideal women and passionate days, but it’s not unnatural, but rather a good aftertaste movie.

伊藤麻実子 | Mamiko Ito


directed by Alex Garland

This is not about a human girl but a strange love story of an AI girl.
In just a few years this may happen in many places.
Even if it is AI, if these attractive AI girls tempt boys all over the world with thier soft and smooth skin, human girls can not survive!
If that happens, we might even need a sexy AI boys.
I think that there is no man who is not captivated by watching wet eyes and balanced perfect nude of Alicia Vicandel who played AI in this movie.

伊藤麻実子 | Mamiko Ito

The Dreamers

directed by Bernardo Bertolucci

The American International student Matthew, a movie geek, encounters a fascinating identical twins in their school and begins a communal life in their apartment.
First of all, it is very strange that they are heterosexual twins. Since twins of single eggs can not be mixed twins, at that time their existence seems to be a dream.

It was probably inevitable that the Matthew was entangled with twins’s spider threads and became not able to move.
The days of their triangular relationship , immoral and decadent, made me feel like I was peeping at what I should not have seen.
Despite aesthetic appeal above her age, Isabelle also has a charm of girl-likeness.
Because the attractive nude of Eva Green who played Isabelle was like an perfect art piece, I was excited with her charm.

伊藤麻実子 | Mamiko Ito


directed by Kon Ichikawa

Do you like world of Junichiro Tanizaki?
It is difficult to understand all of Junichiro Tanizaki ‘s deep masochism, but I do not dislike such aesthetic things.
This is one of the propensity of such a Tanizaki “cuckold desire” was made into a movie by Director Kon Ichikawa.
From the outside, it’s classy, but it’s actually vulgar, and it’s confusing that we have no idea who’s thinking, but all characters in this movie are humorous and funny.
If there is no other world after death,
trick of these people will be lost in the mist and buried forever.
I guess there are many keys scattered around this world without opening the doors.

伊藤麻実子 | Mamiko Ito

Magical Girl

directed by Carlos Vermut

This is neither dark-fantasy nor mystery nor suspense. I was little upset when I first watched this movie.
Although it can not express well, It was an unforgettable movie that I caked to mind after watch it.
A beautiful housewife and a girl suffering from leukemia.
These two magical girls unconsciously mislead middle-aged men and lead them to a miserable future.
Every characters in this movie are very dark and the mystery deepens without being able to sympathize with anyone , and it gets drawn into the dark and strange world steadily.
I liked this plot like a puzzle game in which the episode that seemed to be scattered to the halfway point was understood in 20 minutes.