Aizawa Yoshikazu


写真:相澤 義和


モデル:常盤 奈央



He is pretty popular photographer among young people in the instagram.
Name of this story is “YOTOGI”.
I looked up this word in the dictionary and that meaning was “sit up with someone all night long”.
I wonder what are they talking about while shooting.
If I were him, and charming Naochan was sitting next to me, I would wake up all night!
Muga Miyahara

MUGA cut and pasted with his past photographic works and made this collage.
The story named “Renaissance” was rather “Punk” to me.
From her trembling drawing lines and remaining eraser marks,
I had a delicate and transient impression on her drawings.
I can see into the blood vessels.
I felt something when my eyes met together.
It was same feeling as my world through a finder.
Please pinch out this, to look into her eyes.
Mayuka Miyamoto

This is a story of tea, drinking in the early morning.
Mayuka made this spot patterns on the paper, with tea drip.
Well….she might had let someone bring the tea to her bed.
Kazuki Hayashi

Rubber Lover
Studio photographer 〈Kazuki Hayashi〉
He mixed unusual scene and usual scene.
People in Tokyo might have pretend not to look this shooting.
But I’m sure they must have been so startled!
I wish I had a button like this…
Ryan and I often meet on the street by chance in Shibuya or Harajuku.
For a while since we met, we were talking to each other in English
But now, he send me Line in Japanese.
Now this time, He took some pictures for “TOKYO ANALOG” with his favorite men’s model.
He always “Capture” his favorite things, even if the stage is changes!
Moegi Nishino


The day when I first met her,
Moegi was sitting on the back seat of the coffee shop in Shinjuku station building with a neat school uniform.
She is one of the young creator who is looking forward to the future.
Pechika Sakamoto

Strange Taste
There are many shapes of love but I don’t know everything.
This story is not about fetishism but the story of “love and conflict”.
In this story, the main character is Petitka?
Nishikawa Naohide
As there are some photographers who only take Mt. Fuji, there are some photographers who only express themselves in their own girl.
Here comes again.
Ikumi’s “UNIT BUS” series Vol.2 !!!
The theme for this time is”unused”
So it means…. you are not using it??
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