Mamiko Kikuchi

The story of bewitching beauty vampires

My favorite monster among is “Vampire”
It looks almost no different from human beings,
but has its cold-blooded nature that forgot eternal life and humanity.attracted by their odd imbalance.

I think human being are beautiful because they have “love” and “limited life”, but they have “fear”.
But vampires have “cruelty” and “strength” because they don’t have them.
With this brutal strength, I may be attracted to the mysterious because the appearance of devouring human blood even feels eroticism that cannot be imitated by a living human being.

Each of the vampires presented here also emit a completely different and unusual light.
Agony for eternal life and longing for death.
By glimpse of their world irritated to humans, you may be able to sympathize their suffering spiritual world.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Interview with the Vampire

Directed by Neil Jordan

I was made of you.
I resurrected thanks to you.
I hate you like crazy while respecting you who showed me a completely different view. I know I can’t live in this world without you.
But if you were not there, I would not have suffered such suffering.

Louis who lost his wife and unintentionally became a vampire at the end of despair, and Lestat who made Louis a vampire.
The relationship between the two is a parent-child, a best friend, and a lover, that strange relationship made my my mind flutter.
Brad Pitt’s bloodless and sad beauty and the coldness of Tom Cruise may be many women in the all over the world wanted to became vampire by these two.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Let the Right One IN

Directed by Tomas Alfredson

Scandinavian winter world spread all over.
Impressive is a pure white snowy landscape with crisp blood spread out.
Have you ever seen such amovie that makes us lonely more than this movie?
If you have motive this with that you want to watch the bewitching appearance of a lovely vampire girl, you should be careful because you will get hurt.
She searches blood for prey only to satisfy hunger every day, forgets her guilt and love, lives only for tomorrow.
Vampire’s Blood sucking is said to mean sex in itself, but Eli’s bloodsucking is different from that.
Eli has only ruthlessness and mercilessness to man. Oscar is caught in such a world of Eli and cannot escape.
My heart filled with desperate feelings when you think of a cycle of girls and boys who have to live secretly and brutally while being stranded in times.

Mamiko Kikuchi

Only Lovers Left Alive

Directed by Jim Jarmusch

Plenty of offbeat feeling.
It’s a fantasy, but still the downer atmosphere unique to Jim Jarmusch drifts stylish.
This is the story of Adam and Eve in the vampire world.
This Adam has also been a musician who has made music for many centuries.
Their anguish that must blend into the modern day and keep living quietly inserted into a unique way, and they see it like this, “Oh maybe even vampire may be hiding somewhere in this world.”There is also a reality directing that makes me believe.

Jim Jarmusch spent seven years to complete this screenplay because he wanted to draw a love story of a modern, commercial vampire never before.
It’s not just stylish and cool, but you can also enjoy a screenplay that makes you feel cool once in a while enjoying a different atmosphere from other vampire works.

Mamiko Kikuchi


Directed by Park Chan-wook

Intense movie anyway!
The development changes every 30 minutes, the destination can not be predicted at all, and every time it is pretending to be emotion.
The basis is Eros and grotesque.
Incorporating brutal suspense while interspersing black laughter in love stories, welcome to the country of chaos ~ ♪
I can’t turn back if I have already started watching it.
Song Gung-ho, who played the pastor of anguish, of course, is the acting of
Kim Ok-bin, who played Taeju, is insanely attractive.

I don’t think it’s the same role to change from a woman with shadow to a sensual image that is unbridled in sex, and eventually transforming into a crazy psychopath!
When I met the priest, Teju, who was an eye like a dead fish, jumps like a fish that got water.
I am amazed that its existence can quickly surpass the main character.
Blood is likely to be sucked out even from the screen, so please watch this when you are in excellent physical condition.

Mamiko Kikuchi


Directed by Shunji Iwai

A unique vampire movie directed by Shunji Iwai with almost an overseas cast.
I honestly didn’t like to draw a hero beautifully as a “lonely modern vampire”The first half.
However, from the scene where Ladybird and Simon on the way feel the eroticism that sucks the poison of Hill, they gradually begin to see the outline as a love story, and the two people who are attracted to the fleeting are enviable pure and beautiful, so I stuck on the screen imperceptibly.

Scenes where Simon and Lady Bird wander in a quiet forest in the sunshine, mother playing piano surrounded by white balloons, Maria dancing on the windowsill and so on is very poetic, it looks like Shunji Iwai, works with fantastic visual expression.
The title is “vampire”, but this may be this is a love story born from despair.
I felt that I could understand their world a little bit if I just snuggle up to their loneliness in the movie.